Blonde Ecorts in London

Blonde Ecorts in London

Women are moaning for so many things that even if you are some genius of the female psychology and guru of dating you don’t stand a chance and you are very likely to make a mistake. We, men are making mistakes all the time, but this is somehow gaining experience. In this topic we are joined by Romford escorts in London, who will give us their best suggestions and experience with dating. We tend to listen to them not just because they are women, but also because Romford escorts in London are incredible experienced in dating men.

So let’s get down to the list of phrases that would get you in trouble on your first date. Try to avoid them and you may succeed in you attempt to have nice time with a new girl. Romford escorts in London will help you out.

You are great! No, really you are very sexy!

It is obvious that all women love compliments, but the excess flattering is absolutely different thing. Romford escorts in London are definite that women will not be very happy if you start explaining how beautiful the lady is, and how smart, and how this combination is very rear, and so on. Don’t let yourself look so desperate. Just be cool and show her that you enjoy her company. Romford escorts in London are suggesting that on the other side it is very important when you first see her on the date to look her from top to bottom and give her a compliment. But that is enough for the night.

Where Have You Been Studding? Really? Me too!

Ok, we know that it is not impossible to have graduated the same university or high school. But there is no point in talking about this any more and don’t hope that she will feel you closer this way. There is a bigger chance to become grumpy and to finish the conversation with moaning. We can’t know why is the reason for that but Romford escorts in London are saying that it might be connected to how many men she has seen from that university or, how many women you have been with from that place. Or it might be because she didn’t feel very beautiful there and she doesn’t want to remember. Anyway, whatever the reason, just listen to our advise and Romford escorts in London and you have a better chance of having a successful first date.

Are you alright? Is everything OK?

Women hate these sort of questions. Romford escorts in London are saying that this is Exotic Romford Escorts in Londonshowing how insecure you are. And you know them women, repeating all the time that they want confident men, not some hesitating child boys. Of course don’t be rude or too strong either, just don’t slobber. If you ask Romford escorts in London they will tell you that this typical British question is something wrong – Are you alright? We know that this is just a way to say Hi, but it is absolutely offensive, like you look something wrong, like something is wrong. You are not helping this way even if there is something wrong.

It is not such a big deal – Sometimes I am also taking a shower once a week.

Even if this is true (we hope it isn’t) and even if it is in the context of the conversation (we are also hoping that you never have such a conversation with a woman), in no circumstances never ever share such intimate and horrifying details for yourself. This will not only embarrass you in front of your dating lady, but there is simply no point to engage her with such details of your personal life and especially with one like this.

Romford escorts in London even when they are working are asking the man to take a shower very often before a date. These ladies will be nice and will never embarrass you on your date, and if you look hygienic they will never mention it. But if Romford escorts in London suspect that you haven’t taken a shower recently they will kindly ask you to do it.

Your Friend Is Very Cute.

Wait, wait here a little bit. We thought that you want her, not her friend, is that true? There is some strange and weird logic in this to make her jealous from a close friend, but you both are still not having anything in common – if you are going out for a while it could eventually pass. So Romford escorts in London advice is to choose quickly which one you are choosing and go for her. Don’t embarrass yourself like this.

Romford escorts in London are saying that even if you are a longer relation with the certain lady, never tell her that her friend is beautiful or cute. You can tell her that her friend is ok, or she looks fine, that she is not so bad. But anything more than that will be taken as you are going for it and will make your lady jealous, and from that you can only suffer.

You Have Very Sexy Lips.

Look at them how much you want, but it is not the brightest idea to explain to her, for example that her smile is the second best thing, that she can do with her lips. It is just vulgar and by saying this you can be sure that the smile is the only thing you are going to see from her lips. Seriously, what were you thinking, that you are on a date or you are with a prostitute?  We know what you are thinking, but be a man, not an animal!

Romford escorts in London will tell you that this and some very similar mistakes are the most made by men who are going on a first date. According to Romford escorts in London men, especially the ones that are over-confident, at some point they start talking dirty and about sexual stuff. This is not making them any favour. Ok, sometimes it may get a girl in bed, but this very same girls will soon regret and leave in horror, or will never call or answer his calls. If you are looking for a one night stand why bother a date at all, just go to the local brothel.

Tired Dating, Book Romford Escorts in London.

Romford EscortsAnd at the end of this article, let me tell you the simplest true that most of you know already – tired of dating amateurs, then just book a professional. At the end it is cheaper and easier. Why bother impressing a woman who may end up leaving you alone and not answering your phones. And by the low of dating, you will never sleep with her on first date. So just book Romford escorts in London and you will have a lady by your side for just £80 per hour. You decide what to do and when to do it. Romford escorts in London will just follow your lead and make sure that you are happy.

Isn’t that what we, all men want? We don’t need to go on dates all the time, we can date only when we are really in love but for all the other time, we just need fun and maybe sex. Well we can get it cheap with Romford escorts in London. But just a reminder that sex is not a service that the ladies are doing. In simple words you are not paying to have sex, you are paying for a professional escort service. You will still have to impress your Romford escorts in London to let you sleep with her. All that you do together is your personal matter and only you two can decide what it will be.

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