London escorts are looking for a partner who is like mom

You’ve probably heard that cheap escorts look for men who remind them of dad. Nonsense! In practice, girls subconsciously look for husbands who look like mom.

Someone who will protect cheap escorts from the outside world, comfort them with just the right words, as only a mother can. And in general, he will be gentle and speak the most correct words. It is a search for a partner to fill the gap, say psychologists.

Boys looking for cheap escorts like their mother? Yes. There’s no arguing about that. But the widespread belief that cheap escorts look for husbands like their fathers is not true.

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What are cheap escorts looking for in a man

  • Someone who will understand them better than they know themselves, will guess their moods and desires, take care of them, pat them on the back and bring them hot drinks in bed. And who will understand the job of cheap escorts
  • Someone who will protect cheap escorts from the outside world, comfort them with the right words. And he will generally be gentle and say the most accurate, the most beautiful things.
  • Someone who can tell cheap escorts which dress doesn’t make them look fat and which shoes will suit them better.
  • Someone who can figure out what to get cheap escorts for their birthday or Christmas instead of asking stupid questions or offering money.
  • Someone who will love cheap escorts’ friends and adore her mother.
  • Someone who will spend every evening with cheap escorts and have similar interests to them.
  • Someone who would dream of spending the weekend alone with the whole family and not distracted by silly men’s games.

Which of the following is attached to the portrait of the real man for cheap escorts? If their father actually looked like a man in the usual classical sense, then cheap escorts had even worse luck. Why?

The more perfect cheap escorts’ father was, the harder it will be for them to find a good husband. Most of them will lose the features of the ideal man, the one who first kissed your forehead, hands.

Alpha male dads are extremely rare

Dads with marked alpha male behaviour are extremely rare these days. They are usually in high demand and have more than one family and a bunch of offspring.

And although they love their daughters more, since their sons are competitors for them, their love has a long list of expectations. And once cheap escorts fulfil them, they become their hostage.

After all, finding a man who needs the same things as cheap escorts and who will love them just as “unconditionally” is not easy. But there are also good examples of that in real life. Usually these cheap escorts stick to a passive female role and are happy in marriage.

Time has recently made some adjustments to this mechanism. Such “masculine” dads increasingly like cheap escorts who do not look like quiet housewives. Now they are increasingly attracted to active and successful, slightly aggressive cheap escorts. And apparently most of the girls working with us at XLondonEscorts are successful, sexy and smart women, who would not fit the type of modest housewive.

In real life, such cheap escorts are most often lovers, about whom usually everyone knows. And it’s hard for a little girl to be fooled about what kind of women her father likes and what she should be. Guess which man she would like as a husband?

But in real life, most cheap escorts grew up with either a weak father or the absence of one. The mother, driven by the need to provide a dignified life for her child and the fulfilment of her duties, could not fully give what the child expects from her.

And unsatisfied desires do not disappear or dissolve. The girl grows up and continues to look for a partner to compensate for the lack. Only that he is not and cannot be a mother does not occur to cheap escorts. They attributes these qualities to the man, or rather to his ideal image, sincerely not understanding why cheap escorts cannot cope with relations in a relationship. And cheap escorts begins to call him callous and cold, they begin to get confused about what qualities their chosen one should possess.

Should he be brave or caring?

London escorts are looking for a partner who is like mom

In the first case, care is expressed in actions, this is the male way, and in the second – everything listed at the beginning. Confused by all this, a normal woman from cheap escorts will do only one thing – accuse the man of not wanting to understand her and cry.

Deep down, cheap escorts will hope that their partner will find the answer himself and help them “figure it out” because he is smart. Just then, though, cheap escorts grabs the invisible shovel and starts digging a real hole in their relationship.

Now take a closer look at your partner, do you recognize anyone?

The cheap escorts working with XLondonEscorts are professional, sexy, smart and know how to impress a guy. But even they would struggle to answer if they have chosen their partner to be like their dad or mom.

By Mario