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Barking Escorts Sex FactsI guess I got your attention, right? This title and the picture of a beautiful Barking Escorts and Cheap London escorts are attractive and you couldn’t resist the temptation to click the link. So now we can discuss if Heideger is a real existentialist or if Nietzsche is actually a predecessor of the postmodernism in philosophy. Calm down, I am just kidding you. Together with our ladies from Barking escorts and cheap London escorts we have collected and written down some interesting facts from the limitless world of sex. Read and educate yourself!

According to the statistic most people are making sex in Saturday night. This fact has a logical origin, people are not working, they are going out and drinking and that makes them predisposed to sexual activity. This is also the experience of Barking escorts as they are mostly booked in Saturdays. Cheap London escorts are becoming busier as the weekend approaches and the Saturday becomes the busiest day.

On the other side the least popular time for sex is the Monday afternoon. Barking escorts are usually taking a day of on Monday as they are also not very booked on this day and cheap London escorts are not popular in Monday. Maybe that is a Sexy Busty babe XLondonEscortsreason to make some additional discounts for Monday afternoon if you book cheap London escorts or Barking escorts. This is something for me and my colleges to talk about.

43% of men are thinking that semi-naked women are more sexy than totally naked. Barking escorts are very good in wearing sexy and tempting men with their semi-naked outfits and they together with cheap London escorts are concluding that many men are loosing interest in a woman if they see her naked straight away. For example men prefer Barking escorts in sexy clothes more than a naked girls in a strip bar.

58% of men and 74% of women are using sex toys during the time of sexual act. Most of XLondonEscorts ladies who are working as Barking escorts are very familiar with using sex toys and if you are one of these men, just look for our cheap London escorts.

Average per year a man is making sex for 23 hours. Interesting fact that is hard to prove from our cheap London escorts but makes sense as most men are finishing in less than 10 minutes, according to Barking escorts.

Barking Escorts Familiar With These Facts About Sex.

Sex Facts From Cheap London EscortsHigh heels, bras and ladies socks are known as the most erotic women clothes according to the stronger part of the humanity. The Barking escorts in are well familiar with this fact and are using these clothes accordingly to make their customers even more tempted and worth the £80 they pay.

Average per day a man thinks about sex almost 2 hours. Only men can approve this fact, but this is interesting and Barking escorts can only be happy about that as this guarantees them more bookings and a prove that their job has potential.

28% of men and 13% of women have participated at least once in a group sex. Isn’t strange that more men have done it than women. We all imagine a group sex with more women than men in them, but the numbers show that the opposite is true. Some of our Barking escorts and most of cheap London escorts don’t mind being involved in a threesome with one of their colleges, but most won’t participate in one with two clients. An exception are the so called party girls, who are ready to do almost everything in the name of the party.

Most Men Are Making Sex In Missionary Position According To Barking Escorts.

According to the statistic and also to the word of Barking escorts most men are practicing sex mostly in the missionary position. I would call it a boring sex life, but guys do what you enjoy most. I just want to mention that Barking escorts are experienced and probably can show you at least tens of new sex positions. Sexy Feet From Barking EscortsBarking escorts could be a good teacher for those of you who are not very experienced and shy in trying new things with your girlfriend or wife.

51% of men admit to their wives that during sex they think about another woman. 39% are telling them for which woman they are thinking. My bling guess is that 100% of these 39% are dying in unknown circumstances a second after they shared this detail. Guys please, don’t share this information with your wife. Better than this, don’t think about other women, enjoy the time with your wife, but when you have the chance just book Baring escorts for £80 per hour and enjoy their company instead. Cheap London escorts are the best way to enjoy a sexy company and not to cheat your wife.

31% of men are claiming that it happened to them to have few sexual partners at the same time. That really made our Barking escorts to laugh, as most of their customers are married or have a girlfriend. Some of them are not shy at all and share the fact that they are going out with cheap London escorts, but some are hiding it and live a double life. So the statistic from Barking escorts is showing that this percentage is around 80.

19% of men are thinking negative for the sex before the marriage. Barking escorts have met many man, who are about to get married but still haven’t made sex with their men, just because they are superstitious. But instead they are meeting Barking escorts or cheap London escorts with the hope to have some sexual action before their marriage. Thinking that after they get married they won’t ever call an escort. Good luck boys.

24% of men think that simulating orgasm is a standard practice in any sexual relationship. Barking escorts can satisfy the need of all these men who feel happy if their partner is having an orgasm as well. Unfortunately many girls and women are not good in that and they simply say to their man that they don’t need to finish. But cheap London escorts and Barking escorts can fake an orgasm and make any man feels good in bed.

For an year an average man at the age of 30 is with 7 women for one night and with women the number is just one. We can’t ask Barking escorts to confirm or deny this number because of the obvious reason that their work is to be with different man every night and even few different customers per night. I don’t even want to calculate the number of men that they meet. But I know from the feedback that I get from our customers that these men are very happy with Barking escorts and their services, which by the way you can acquire for just £80 per hour. And this prize makes us a very cheap London escorts website.

47% of all men are condemning the one night stand. That makes me laugh too. Come on, interesting that so many man are doing that , when the numbers of customers to XLondonEscorts and other websites for Barking escorts is growing every year. Maybe the reason is that we live in a city full of open minded men and women who are thinking differently from the rest of the world.

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