hot couple in sex

Tip 7: Make sure there are no strangers in the room at the sublime moment

The third pair of eyes in this case does not interfere only with porn actresses and cheap escorts in London. I don’t think I need to explain why. But even the professional London escorts don’t enjoy a third person in the room while enjoying an intimate moment with their partner. Obviously in some cases, cheap escorts in London would allow this in the name of the paid pleasure that they deliver to their customer. Some customers are even exactly this third person, who enjoys watching.

hot couple in sex

Pam, 29 years old cheap escorts in London from XLondonEscorts:

“Once I had a fleeting but hot affair with a Spaniard who had come to me for only a few days. The passion was seriously burning, so on the last night I agreed to spend the night with him at the hotel. Everything was great, but in the process, I realized that in the room there are two beds, and someone is moving under the covers of the next one. I was extremely surprised, but I did not dare to ask who it was. In the morning I died of shame when it turned out that his brother was sleeping in the next bed. He winked at me as soon as I opened my eyes. Then the brothers conversed merrily among themselves in Spanish. What the topic was I can still only guess.”

Tip 8: Lock pets in separate room

Our beloved furry friends are the most silent and intrusive spectators, share cheap escorts in London. Sometimes they begin to accompany with their howling or (even worse!) try to lie on the bed at the most inappropriate moment. All the experience of cheap escorts in London, even though they love pets and all the little animals, they suggest to just lock them in a separate room for the time of love making. After all it is just a few minutes, an hour at the most.

Alexandra, 20 years old:

“Summer, nature, the beginning of a relationship – everything is favourable for having sex in the fresh air. My friend and I chose the most secluded place we could find. A few minutes later I felt someone watching us. I looked around – there was no one around. 10 minutes later the same story. And then I saw a huge cat in the grass that came up to us and started rubbing at our feet. Everything I experienced that day can be summed up in one word – resentment.”

Tip 9: Before you begin, be sure to leave your sense of humour and other inappropriate talents in another room

Don’t sing or joke too intrusively, advise the sexy women from cheap escorts in London. Especially regarding your partner’s body parts and abilities. These are absolute taboo, as they can really hurt his/her libido and ruin the sex experience. Not just on that particular event, but it can hurt the relationship for a log time and he/she may keep bringing that bad memory every time it comes to the bed, suggest cheap escorts in London. Jokes sometimes hurt and they can leave a scar for life, from which in this particular case will suffer your sex life.

En, 24 years old

“As you know, the “rider” pose gives freedom to the hands, legs, imagination and, it turns out, to the … creative impulse. The entourage was also suitable. So, in “camouflage” underwear, I present a gift to the beloved. Hot kisses, hugs … At one point things dragged on, and whether it was because of fatigue from jumping on him, I began to sing: “And ponies are horses too…” So the romantic passionate beginning ended with our uproarious laughter, the climax of which was marked by the solemn nibbling of cake.”

Tip 10: During foreplay, don’t swing your arms and legs too much

From the rich experience of cheap escorts in London this will inevitably bring injuries that cannot be avoided. During sex you can be surprised how strong can be your body, how flexible you can be and how long it can last under physical pressure. London cheap escorts bodies are prepared very well for that sort of physical activities but they suggest to be careful as injuries are possible and can last for longer time after that. Which obviously will cause a long time with limited sex exercises.

Katherine, 26 years old London cheap escorts:

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“Once, in a passionate sex activity, I hit my partner in the face with my foot. It is easy to guess that this put a knockout on the love game, but also gave him a black eye for a week. We laughed after that, but the result was – no sex that night”

Tip 11 from London escorts: Use sex toys, but don’t be fanatical!

And first, make sure that your partner would welcome this kind of devices. London escorts would consult with their partner of customer beforehand. They would ask if he is happy to experiment and will describe what that particular toy does and how. Luckily cheap escorts in London have all the experience in the world and can easily explain how sex toys are working and what pleasures they are meant to deliver.

Valentina, 31 years old London escort:

“We’ve been dreaming of trying something like this in sex for a long time. So, we decided to bet on handcuffs! During the foreplay my partner and I, cheap escorts in London, were under the influence of alcohol, as I remember everything hazily, apparently we both drifted off soon after this. I woke up still strapped to the bed and the key was nowhere in sight! As a result, my partner couldn’t think of anything better than to call a colleague about my release. I was terribly embarrassed, but my husband is still proud. Turns out his co-worker isn’t one to keep secrets. Now everyone at his work knows his wife, part of London cheap escorts, is a sex goddess.”

Tip 12: Don’t eat during sex!

Full stomachs are the enemy of pleasure. London cheap escorts already spoke about eating too much before sex, but don’t do it during sex eighter. It is harder to move, it might be dirty, it might even bring an infection or burning if you happen to touch hot, spicy food and then some private parts.

Alina, cheap escorts in London at the age of 25:

“Once during love we decided to play with food. He smeared me with cream, garnished with pieces of fruit, chocolate. All this turned out to be so delicious that the eating ceremony dragged on, and then the beloved ran to the refrigerator for more .As a result, we ate until full and went to bed. So instead of loving caresses, we indulged in sound sleep.

Tip 13: Don’t get distracted by trifles. Think only of the things you love!

If during sex cheap escorts in London start talking to the man about cleaning the ceiling or the old boxes in the basement that need to be thrown away, guess from the first time if the sex will continue. London cheap escorts will tell you that it never continues, or at least not with the same passion.

Natalia, 31 years old cheap escorts in London:

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“Early in the morning. Darling wants love and affection, so he wakes me(London escorts girl) up slowly and gently, then we start having sex. It’s always at these times that I think about something of mine because I have nothing else to do. So I start to sort out in my head the recipes for tonight’s dinner and… damn it! “I forgot to defrost the chicken!” I scream at the top of my lungs. He was shocked.”

That example is from the early days of cheap escorts in London and surely later in their career they are experienced and know that it is wrong and could ruin the sex for the night.

Tip 14: Don’t try to show off your acrobatic talent. Be yourselves!

They do a lot of interesting things in erotic films, but you don’t act in films and certainly not in a circus. Just have fun! While cheap escorts in London may have the ability and experience to practice some harder and more acrobatic sex positions, they advise that you don’t try something that you are not prepared and confident to perform. Otherwise you are risking an injury and to end the intimate experience earlier and without a satisfying end for any of you.

Alice, 32 years old cheap escorts in London from XLondonEscorts:

“A funny incident happened at our parents’ house. When we were alone in the apartment, we immediately began to kiss passionately. My friend, in a fit of passion, wanted to hug me and jumped on the bed. He jumped and … missed! As a result whereupon the joys of love had to be put off for better times. Instead of the bed, he landed on the ground. It hurt him quite a bit. But we had a hearty laugh!”

Tip 15: Be careful with your passion so you don’t get hurt unintentionally!

Never! And even more so in bed. London escorts suggest that love is passion and sex is the exciting satisfaction of it, but never hurt yourself or each other. For romantic poets, love is synonymous with the word “pain”. But we are not bohemians, but fortunately ordinary people and professional cheap escorts in London.

Lisa – London escort at the age of 19:

“We even got to the point of injuries. We hadn’t seen each other for a very long time. When he came, he immediately scooped me up in his arms and took me to the nearest room (which was the kitchen!) Just a few minutes ago I had heated the kettle on the electric stove… He pinned me to the table and unwittingly placed me right on top of the hot stove. I screamed like I was in a Hollywood comedy and then ran around the apartment with my bottom bare looking for a cure for the burns.”

By Mario