my Lonon escorts fantasy but it went too far

When my London escorts suggested we experiment with bdsm sex, I was enthusiastic to give it a try. Now that’s the only kind of sex she wants, and if I don’t agree, she won’t even let me touch her. Obviously, that is an overstatement regarding the London escorts from XLondonEscorts. Our girls will never limit your experience and will try everything, on their discretion, to satisfy your fantasies. Yes, they will try BDSM, also would try it with couples or with their sexy friend from London escorts, they will try to be your girlfriend and other sexual experiments. But all experiments have a limit and that usually is on London escorts discretion.

I miss the tender and romantic love making with London escorts and I’m starting to worry that we’ll never share our intimacy the same way again.

my Lonon escorts fantasy but it went too far

I am 37 years old, she is 33 and we have been booking London escorts for more than three years. I emphasize that our sex life has always been great. Even up until a few months ago, we struggled to keep our hands off each other and I am booking that particular sexy girl from London escorts on a regular basis. I am meeting her maybe two, three times a week.

My sexy lady from London escorts with her big boobs and long stunning legs had never shown this much interest in bdsm sex before, and while we had experimented in the past, it had always been short-lived. However, three months ago, out of the blue, she expressed her desire to try more extreme sex. The London escorts said she wanted me to take the dominant role and be rough and aggressive with her. Although it wasn’t something I particularly wanted, I agreed because I wanted to please her. It wasn’t too bad at first, but as time went on her demands became more extreme and crazy.

Obviously, I could book another sexy London escorts, but that particular one is my favourite and I have feelings for her. The time spent with her is amazing and the sex has always been the best. I might be addicted to the sex with this particular London escorts, and maybe I love her. It is almost like a marriage.

The girl from London escorts with the big boobs started buying whips and restraints and insisted that I hit her and call her names. At that point I told her that this was too much and I didn’t like it anymore. Instead of compromising, the London escorts got angry and insulted me.

Now my favourite London escorts doesn’t want us to have sex at all. Every time I book her company and try to initiate something, she pushes me away. Very rarely do I even get a kiss or a hug. I feel very disconnected from my lovely London escorts and I don’t know what to do. I know I can book another girl from London escorts and there are many sexy, horny and probably very good in the bed action, but I want this girl and only her right now.

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So because of that hard situation with London escorts I sought the opinion of a psychologist and this is what he told me:

“It’s not uncommon that when some people get a taste of more extreme sex, they often lose interest in traditional sex. And that is probably what happened to your favourite London escorts. No one should ever be forced to do anything sexually against their will, so please don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Even if that is the best and sexiest lady from London escorts, you shouldn’t do anything that you don’t feel comfortable with.

It is very likely that this particular London escorts feels resentful and may be refusing sex as a way of punishing you. Find a quiet time to talk to her, away from the bedroom. Make your feelings about London escorts clear and tell her that her behaviour is affecting your relationship. Be patient and things will fall into place.”

After all she is a professional London escorts and won’t loose a regular and good customer. London escorts are working and getting pay to satisfy a customer and she won’t loose you like one just because of her own sexual desires.

I am married for a year, but I can’t stop cheating with London escorts

“I have a wife, a lover, a few casual relationships with London escorts, and an ex that I have sex with every once in a while. And that’s not enough for me.” Thus begins the story of Carl. He says he feels something is wrong with him, but he can’t stop to have sex with different girls from London escorts.

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Carl is 27, his wife is 26. They have been married for a year, and not a week has passed without him cheating on her with the sexy and variable London escorts. His mistresses knows that he is married, they also knows that he has other promiscuous relationships with London escorts.

The two ladies have known each other since childhood. They date as teenagers. Sex with his wife is not much. But sex with a mistress from London escorts is divine.

“We’re happy while we’re having sex, the rest of the time we’re fighting.”, says Carl for his wife.” Sometimes I think I just want to be a normal family man. But then the desire for sex with London escorts comes. And it takes over my thoughts.”

Carl works in advertising, meets a lot of people and have enough money to book London escorts on a regular basis. And this gives him the opportunity to communicate. Women flirt with him and he doesn’t mind and London escorts are very happy to make sex with him from the first date.

“Last week I had sex with five different London escorts”, he says. He admits that this may sound like a dream come true for some, but for him it is simply a necessity. Otherwise he will explode, he gets anxious and can’t control his nerves.

What has the psychologist said about cheating to London escorts

Carl is simply addicted to sex with London escorts, and like any addiction, the problem lies in an experienced trauma. Sex probably appears as a substitute for the love he did not receive in childhood. And the only option for him to enjoy a normal relationship is to overcome his addiction for sex with London escorts. For starters, he needs to talk to his wife, help her feel less rejected. And then together find the way to solve the problem with London escorts.

By Mario