charming-escortPortrait of happy woman sitting on kitchen table wearing sexy lingerie. Provocative young woman with tattoos wearing seductive underwear.

To refuse sex to a man after the first date and he disappears in a puff of smoke? Not a single word of him, either on social media or in real life. What could this mean? Very simple – something in the communication between you, in the process of your refusal, went wrong. This would never happen to cheap escorts of XLondonEscorts, because they know how to refuse but keep the interest for a second date.

It must have been love from the first sight

Most likely, you were too direct and cold, according to cheap escorts. It is believed that representatives of the stronger sex are not very familiar with the nuances of emotions, but this is wrong. Cheap escorts know from their rich experience that they perfectly capture every tonality of intonation and draw the appropriate conclusions.

The truth is that it is necessary to learn how to refuse correctly so that the men does not disappear and never comes back. Cheap escorts will teach five ways to say no so that a man doesn’t stop thinking about you. But one golden rule applies to everyone: you should format your answer politely, saying the words with a smile and compliments. It is good in this case not to focus on praises of his appearance, according to cheap escorts, but with those aimed at his personal qualities and virtues with which he has impressed you.

And, of course, this type of carefully selected refusals should be reserved only for those gentlemen who deserve to win your heart, say cheap escorts. And one more recommendation from cheap escorts – don’t make him wait too long. Waiting takes energy and time, after which he may really give up on you.

One way to say no after first date is to become friends

Cheap escorts with their experience will first try to become friends with him as soon as possible. This is one of the opportunities to get to know him better. In addition, situations in which friendship grows into romance and a beautiful, strong love is born from it are not uncommon with cheap escorts. Also, friends should always tell the truth. So, admit honestly that you are not yet ready for relationships and sex. Obviously with cheap escorts the situation is different, not that they are not ready for it, but they prefer to know their customer better.

Cheap escorts do not tolerate haste and first will try to get to know the inner world of their potential partner better. So, an advice for men who want to sleep with cheap escorts, give it some time. Please book a date, then open yourself up and give them something from your world. Then, when they are comfortable with you cheap escorts might end up delivering the best sex in your life.

Second method of cheap escorts is to find our what are his interests

Cheap escorts would tell to the man who likes them that the rapid development of the relationship scares them a little. However, cheap escorts prefer to sleep not just with a beautiful body, but with a personality. And then the sex itself is far more exciting and passionate for both sides, cheap escorts and the men. So, a good way to turn him down is simply by invite him to a movie, concert, sport or other pleasant event together. Maybe you have a hobby in common? Or you can become fitness buddies by helping him slim down for the summer. A man who is truly in love will not refuse the opportunity to be with cheap escorts in a pleasant environment and to unfold his qualities and talents to her.

Third method – give him hope for a future date

Portrait of young beautiful sexy woman with large breasts. Carefree model wearing pure red lingerie. Hot tanned blonde posing near blue wall in studio in summer swimwear bathing suit. In sunglasses

When cheap escorts are refusing sex but giving hope to any man for a future date that can lead to something more serious, they use a plausible and true existing pretext for the refusal. For example, cheap escorts have to study and justify a diploma project, to walk with a pet, have a long-term refurbishing project, to meet with a girlfriend, or a close relative is ill and need help. You don’t say no to a man, but you say you’re too busy for a serious relationship. That’s what cheap escorts do on a regular bases and it works, men always call back.

Urgent matters require cheap escorts attention 24 hours a day, so they simply cannot stay with him. It might make him uncomfortable, but he will surely understand them. However, there is a danger that the gentleman will disappear in your memories after that. Or another option, more common for cheap escorts: he will boldly offer you his company. And then it’s up to you to decide whether to accept it or not. Usually at that point cheap escorts will accept another date with him and have fun to the fullest.

Fourth way to refuse sex on first date – cheap escorts say no but still flirt

This method is suitable if cheap escorts and the man are going out in the same company. Cheap escorts refuse sex to the men who is hitting on them politely enough, but they continue to show some signs of sympathy for him and to flirt gently. Try, for example, holding your gaze on his eyes, blinking your eyelashes, lowering your voice while talking to him. Lightly and casually touch the man’s shoulder, shake the invisible particles of dust from his blouse.

Cheap escorts are the queens of flirting. You have to believe them, right? They are not just girls who take money for sex. Cheap escorts flirt and tease men, and the best in the industry are in XLondonEscorts. Experienced, cheap and with sexiest bodies of all cheap escorts.

Fifth method : cheap escorts transfer their relationship online

Portrait of happy woman sitting on kitchen table wearing sexy lingerie. Provocative young woman with tattoos wearing seductive underwear.

The experience of cheap escorts is showing that it is best to carefully and unobtrusively bring the developing relationship between her and her men friend online. The method is very suitable for Tinder acquaintances, especially if you have only had a few dates in real life. Cheap escorts keep chatting about topics that interest them, send funny pictures and memes, share useful life hacks and links.

The main thing is not to make a mistake – do not send pictures of your naked bodies to your suitor, even if he insists. Cheap escorts are very careful with sharing any pictures with their customers or potential clients, they don’t want to end up being everywhere online. And do not forget not to push it too hard in such communication. And don’t forget – in no case do not overdo it. Online communication does not mean that cheap escorts have to spend days and nights on social networks and messengers. Answer all messages quickly and concisely. They show the man that they have their own personal life that cheap escorts enjoy. This will increase his interest in her even more.

By Mario