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West London Escorts Sexy ButtEverybody is lying, from different sexes and origins. But according to a new British study women are like almost double than men. And West London escorts are agreeing with both hands with that statement. Let’s see why and how that is happening.

According to the study that we are talking about the ladies and especially West London escorts are lying mostly the man next to them and dominantly about three things:

  • The number of her sexual partners until this moment
  • If she is cheating on her current partner or husband
  • And the number or type of shoes that they have bought

Here is a list of what they are lying about the most and the comments of our West London escorts:

West London escorts are lying for cheating as well as any other woman. Yes women are cheating and even compared to men maybe they cheat more. The specialist are stating that women and West London escorts are around 20% better in lying about cheating their partner. For the ladies who work this job it is absolutely normal to lie, but to be honest their partners should and most of them avoid asking about that. They know what is going on and will avoid the topic like it doesn’t exist.

All women lie about their weight and West London escorts are not making any different. A great number of ladies are not admitting their real weight, as silly as this sounds. If you look at the profiles of our West London escorts you will see a place Wet And Sexy Couple - West London Escortswhere their weight is pointed – this is just a guide and we have written it ourselves, not the ladies. If they were supposed to give their stats it would probably look different.

West London escorts are lying, meaning adding to the money spent for shopping, while most women lie about in the other direction. They say that they have spent less than it actually is. This is probably trying to make their partner feel more comfortable.

Men and women both lie about the number of people they have been with, or had sex with. West London escorts have just reminded us a famous joke from the past that the number of sexual partners that a man is stating that he had should be divided by three to get the actual and real number. And with women this is probably multiplied by three. About escorts the number may be a little bit higher.

The ladies always say that after 5 minutes she will be ready. And very often if not always we have to wait them minimum half an hour. The escorts in West London are no different and they like any woman need a lot of time to get ready for going out. The good thing is that they come ready to your meeting and you will not become a victim of their time.

West London Escorts Recommends You What Presents Not To Give To A Woman

You don’t need to make her a presents all the time, no matter how much the lady is convinced in the controversial. All presents are something good and positive but it turns out that there are certain things that you better don’t give her. They may make her angry more than making her happy according to West London escorts. This all sounds wrong to us, but we have decided to inform you of these presents that West London escorts recommend you not to give to any girl.

Home Appliances are the number one no, no. This is a surprise for us to, but West London escorts have convinced us that ladies are left really not happy if you give them a present for the kitchen. They even accept them as an offence. We think that one hoover, oven or a kitchen robot sounds like something very suitable for a present to her, but as it turns out they are the worst mistake that you can make.

Cute Brunette From XLondonEscortsGiving her flowers is not as impressive as we thought. Women and West London escorts too, love when you are giving them flowers for no reason and with reason too. But one nice flower can never be given instead of a real present, no matter how expensive it is. Is there a reason? According to West London escorts – No. Even if the flower is huge, expensive and stylish, this will not do the job of a present.

Sweets, cake of chocolate should be a daily present not for special occasion. West London escorts will tell you that they accept these things every day from different customers, but they never remember who gave them, while a perfume or shoes they will remember for long time. Sweets and chocolates can be an addition to the main present but not on its own. The fact that West London loves Belgian chocolate and you have done your research doesn’t count for nothing and you are not earning any points with such a present.

A huge and sometimes fatal mistake is to buy her a perfume. The exception according to West London escorts would be if you know exactly which type and brand she likes, then it can be a good present. But if you give her some aroma that she has never used or doesn’t like – you are in deep shit. And here comes the big risk, that they may thing that you are giving her a perfume that your ex used to like, or some other woman that you find sexy is using. Be really careful because this may be a reason for her to use the pan that you have given her as a present on a previous occasion.

For some reason, you have decided to create her a personal present. You will make a drawing or write her a song or poem, you will make her a collective disc of her favourite songs (by the way this is an idea from Friends). West London escorts are saying that this is a mistake and there is a big chance that she will decide that you have forgotten to buy her a present and now you are trying to make it up by fixing it in a very bad way.

We and West London escorts are understanding why you would buy her something from the sex shop. We understand your wish to cuff her to the bed or to give her a leather corset. But don’t take the risk, because as West London escorts are saying she will call you a pervert and that she knows what porn you are watching. She will probably tell you to fuck off and go watch it by yourself. There is a chance she will call you a pig, pervert, idiot and to fuck off multiple times. I think you understand us.

Surprisingly she will understand if you give her a present like a game console that this is actually a present for you, not her. And trying to convince her that this is a present for her, that will let you both enjoy and entertain is not a good idea. It is obvious that the present is for you and she is not as stupid as you thing.  But taking West London escorts for company to both of you can impress her only if she likes threesomes.

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