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Erotic Massage From London EscortsHave you ever wondered how to transform yourself into the absolute sexual magnet for women? Here I will give you some answers of women between 19 and 49 about what exactly they are looking in a man.

And you probably wonder where the erotic massage from London escorts comes in help here. Well for a start that sexy and erotic massage will make you feel sexually satisfied already and made by one of our gorgeous London escorts this is a dream come true for many men. Those who experience it are begging for more and keep calling regularly to look for our ladies to make them the becoming famous erotic massage by London escorts.

“The smile – he has to have charm, beautiful teeth and his sight”

This is probably the number one answer in the survey. Women are firstly impressed by the charm of a man, surprisingly the teeth are very important, a white wide smile with straight and clean teeth is apparently very sexy for the other gender. And of course the sight – you can say by the sight of a man if he is a predator or a pray and be sure women and London escorts all to the very last prefer predators. Everybody knows that a good massage relaxes and energizes, but very few men in London know that the erotic massage by London escorts is also like an aphrodisiac and charges you with sexual energy and desire for tender women flesh. Believe us the experienced ladies in the city of London will see this in your eyes after an erotic massage from London escorts and will want to have you, because they know you will satisfy their needs.

“I am looking at his ass, honestly – this is the first thing that I pay attention to in a man. Yes, before the eyes, smile and so on.”

A good way to work on your ass – erotic massage by London escorts

Sexy Brunette - London EscortsThis is not a rare occasion nowadays. Women have changed over time and just good smile and sense of humor is not going to do the trick. Well, not completely true, but without the ass you will need more effort and time to seduce a beautiful woman in London and with the fast paced life that we have, you may not get the extra time needed. So get down to business – make some good looking ass and underline it with slim fit jeans or trousers, no one is buying the straight ones any more except the boring or very fat men. And by the way do you know a good way to work on your ass, except sex – erotic massage by London escorts of course. This massages gives incredible results, but they don’t do wonders. You still have to work out and the erotic massage is like the finishing touch by the artist, in this case London escorts

“I am disgusted by muscled men! I mean really muscled bodybuilders, who are somehow obsessed with fitness”

Isn’t that weird answer and surprise for all of us the regular men, who somehow envy the real muscled guys in the gym, who we always thought attract women. But the reality is that they don’t, or at least not so many. They actually attract one particular type of women, who probably you wouldn’t be even interested in. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work out or have a great erotic massage after that and meet with London escorts for some fun, but just don’t carried away in the building muscles.

“I love the man to be muscular. Not like Schwarzenegger, but to be strong, with big hands and six pack, not a belly!”

This actually just confirms what we said in the previous point.

“The truth is that they can’t be some poor shmucks. And not because I want them to buy me dinner or other things, but because they need to have confidence. In many men this depends a lot from their income, their car, their clothes, you know what I mean.”

Yes, this is the type of answer that we are all very aware of. We are always afraid that the women are after our money and not us. But let me tell you something, this answer actually is very well said and for those of you who don’t have the balls to be confident without money, just grow a pair. On the other side London escorts are providing great erotic massage and this comes for not such a big amount of money, just £80 per hour as any other London escorts service from our website. Erotic massage is a great boost of your self-confidence and the ladies from XLondonEscorts are very experienced and good in their job. That is one way to get confidence with a little bit of cash and no effort at all.

“The most important thing is that he doesn’t stink. Seriously incredibly a lot of men are not very clean, even if they look good. It is nice if he is well dressed, clean and to smell nice. The usual stuff.”

This is not so common answer but the reason for that being a fact is that it is obvious and many women, don’t even consider it as not being true. So always check your clothes and especially the shoes, brush your teeth and put a nice perfume, you never know when you are going to meet her.

London escorts can help you with advice and suggestions

Naked Teen Massage From XLondonEscortsLondon escorts can help you with advice and suggestions on your perfume as well on your outfit while they are making you an erotic massage, as they are some of the most beautiful women in the city and they know what others like them want. Erotic massage from our London escorts is not just a physical pleasure but also time to spend with a nice lady. You can chat before, after and during the erotic massage with the ladies and they are actually very happy to do that with you.

“I want him to be nice with me, to show me every day that for him I am different from all the other women in his circle”

Women want to feel unique and we men need to show them that. But to be honest, they lied in this answer or at least they were thinking for later in the relationship. We all know how women get attracted to a man who ignores them or even insult them a little bit. But don’t do it if you are not experienced in that, this is for seduction artists. London escorts can teach you some of these techniques while doing their newest service – erotic massage. Just call, book and ask for it on

“I don’t mind if other women like him. It even make him sexier, that other women are flirting with him. This attracts me more in him, makes me feel that I have next to me a wanted man and this turns me on as we speak.”

Wow that was a hot and honest answer. I am sure you all are happy to read that many women think this way. This can assure you that you can have an erotic massage from London escorts without a worry that your lady will be angry or jealous. Or at least she will feel that she want you more, that’s what they say.

“I am looking mostly the outfit. He can be big, skinny, muscled, even fat, but if he is wearing accordingly and stylish in general, I am all for it.”

There is nothing to comment on the last one