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North London EscortsWe had a chat with our sexy ladies from North London escorts and other regions of the UK capita and we got to the otherwise logical conclusion that in every relationship (especially long ones, but also short romances) there should be rules. We are far from the old fashioned thinking that the place of every woman is exactly and only in the kitchen and maintaining the house. Here are the men’s requirements regarding the woman that is in our life, pointed one by one. And the North London escorts from XLondonEscorts absolutely agree with them, at least on 80% (..hihi..)

The Dinner is Served

We don’t insist on being served breakfast in the bed, even though we won’t turn it down if the our lady insist and many of our North London escorts actually do that Gorgeous Brunette Escorts in North Londonwhen they stay overnight. They say we can’t sleep anyway so better do something to satisfy the man. But it is more than pleasant after a long exhausting day at work when you get home to be met at the door from a beautiful wife and even more beautiful dinner table – it is great to have a steak, nice red wine or even straight to the whiskey and if the man is traditionalist before all that to have a nice starter, even a salad will do. It is not compulsory to have that every night but the most convenient way is to have it every night when we are not out with our mates. Is that too much to ask for?

According to North London escorts, these are ladies that work mostly night time, but their partners are having a normal day time jobs, they love to do all this for their man. Even with all their busy nights and preparation to look stunning and all the work that they have to do on themselves, North London escorts like to serve a nice dinner before even get ready for the night, so that you as a customer don’t smell food in their hair or clothes.

Headache Is Forbidden!

You know very well what we mean. You just got in bed and you stretch your hand towards the love of your life, when she whispers quit but explicit that tonight a strong, chronicle and continues headache won’t let her make sex with you. She even forget to underline that she actually would like to do it a lot! Our advice is to get few different and strong pills for headache just to make sure that she has no way to use this excuse again, but in general it is better if she is not even attempt to use this lame excuse.

Our advice – if you get too many of these excuses and you are in the north part of the city call us and book North London escorts straight away. You can spend some time with XLondonEscorts ladies in the other room and make your mistress miss you and be jealous. Our guess is that she will want to make you happy the same night, if not be sure she won’t use this excuse anymore. Isn’t that a great way to give your wife a lesson with the help of North London escorts.

The Moaning Has To Stop.

We have said it before but we won’t let it go and will say that again: if women stop moaning the world will become one much pleasant place for living. You have forgotten to take the in out, to use the laundry or to buy olive oil – so…big deal! North London escorts admit that even they are moaning to their husband, but never to customers. Being with one of these ladies is a different live at least for an hour, which would cost you an incredible low price of £80. Our cheap escorts in North London are suggesting that if your wife is not moaning or at least is doing it very rear, don’t let her go, keep her close for all your life.

The Jealousy Should Be Minimized – North London Escorts

Whatever she is telling you she will always suspect something. Somehow she got the passwords for your social network accounts, your emails, messengers and others. She is sure that you have a secret relationship with a co-worker, ex co-worker, sister of your friend or her friend and even the girl who works on the counter of the local off-license. If all this suspiciousness stops once and forever your day will not be such a nightmare. The advice from North London escorts is that you don’t tell your partner the whole true, some things have to be kept secret but in a manner that they trust you.

Five minutes really means five minutes.

sexy woman irina shayk hdEven North London escorts have a abstract measure about time, they are women after all, and what a beautiful women they are. If a woman say that for five minute she is going to be ready they don’t need to get reminded every half an hour! Most ladies but not North London escorts are legendary with their messing about with every simple task – choosing clothes, “no needs another skirt, this doesn’t match the shirt, the lipstick, the hair”, what make-up would be best, let me look for the other lipstick, it is better but it doesn’t much the shoes, let me find try all the other 20 pairs, then she finds the perfect shoes, but it happens that the make-up is not good for them and have to be cleaned and to put another one. And can go to the end of the world. Happily XLondonEscorts North London escorts are professional and they know what goes with what and they are quick in this. The other bonus for you is that North London escorts are coming ready so no need to wait for them to prepare.

Silly Kids Nicknames Are Not For Real Men – North London escorts

Using words like honey, kitty, baby, bunny, ducky, teddy bear may be suitable to call her toys but not the real man that she has next to her. Talking with unbelievable falsetto and periodically telling everyone how you are the most cute thing in the world can be also put in some old case wooden box, which has to be lighten and then the ashes to be buried deep under the ocean. We are men, not kids and she is our lady, not our mother or even grandmother, who used to tweak our cheeks. Happily North London escorts are more mature and now that this annoys us, real men.

Shopping Is Boring.

It would be perfect if someone make a magic on all the women in the world and make them to start shopping in the following way: do you have this particular dress, yes, ok I will try it, I am buying it. And that is it, job done. We hate the endless walking from shop to shop and trying everything in there, when they don’t even like it but just wanted to see how it looks on them. Nightmare! But the ladies form North London escorts are saying that they go out shopping with friends and never with their partner this is also good in terms that they will surprise them with the new sexy clothes and that leads to better sex too.

Well boys, that is all from us for today. Don’t forget to follow this space and if you need some more advices or some quality time with gorgeous and sexy ladies call us for North London escorts and book for just £80 per hour.



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