Why sex for one night with London escorts can make us more sad

Undoubtedly, everyone has heard the phrase “one-night stand“, but surely few of you have thought about the emotional consequences after such a short-lived intimate flirtation with London escorts. And the truth is that the understandings in modern society offer many opportunities for such experiences.

sex for one night with London escorts

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A survey of more than 4 thousand of college students and London escorts found that those who had recently had one-night stands had much lower levels of self-esteem and were less happy. They also confirm higher levels of anxiety and depression! Bust surely those students haven’t used the services of London escorts, otherwise they would be happy bunnies and not complain about their feelings. In fact London escorts have their own statistic and 9 out of 10 customers left not just happy but with boosted moral and confidence in their sexuality.

Why are men feeling worse after a one-night stand?

Why is this happening with men who are not using London escorts and instead sleep with random women they meet online or drunk in the bar? More than once, scientists have noted that casual sex is useful for the tone and general condition of the body, obviously excluding the one without protection. But why do people’s mood plummet after practicing it? In the study in question, it is claimed that one-night sex directly affects our brain. But things are different if we hire professional London escorts. The second option actually can boost the men moral.


According to this same study, our brain releases different hormones during both sex and cuddling and completely different when with London escorts. One of the main ones is called oxytocin, which is often called the “love hormone.” Oxytocin is thought to contribute greatly to interpersonal relationships, whether it is between a mother and her new-born baby or a relationship between romantic partners.

Both sexes release oxytocin during sex with or without London escorts being involved, but men also release another, known as vasopressin. Vasopressin can be considered a “defines hormone” that makes men feel the urge to protect their partners and keep other suitors away.

Despite the fact that it turns us on for one night sex, it affects our brain simply like a “switch”. The brain thinks it’s found what it’s looking for, but once the oxytocin wears off, we’re left feeling empty, confused, and sad. While on the opposite side having an intimacy with London escorts, paying for the service and having boundaries set up in advance is not activating this hormone and keeps the men to the animalistic sexual satisfaction. After sex with London escorts men feel boosted with energy and sexual confidence instead of the bad, depressing feeling you get from one night stand with a stranger.

In other words, whatever happens in our social behaviour and sexual experiences, biology doesn’t lie. When we have intimate relationships with people we’ve just met, the brain gets confused, compared to when we do that with London escorts. However, if we give our relationship time to develop, it will definitely have a beneficial effect on our mental and emotional state.

In practice you could develop a longer relationship with London escorts too. You can book the same girl for different occasions and different times of the week. That way you can’t avoid but start to develop some sort of relationship with the girl from London escorts that you have chosen to date. That can sometimes lead to disappointment in men who start to believe that they are partner in life. But they are still paying for their dates with London escorts.

How London escorts can help with feeling worse after a one night stand


As mentioned above dating London escorts or having an intimate one night stand with them is fundamentally different than doing it with a complete stranger. The difference is not in the fact that you are dating and having sex with a person that you don’t know. The difference is in the way your mind is set up. When having a one night stand with a woman you just met in a bar or in some dating app your mind is not ready for the separation and the realisation that it was just for the sex. So somehow your mind is thinking “I like that, I want to be with that person”, but after the realisation that it was for one night it gets stressed and disappointed. Then comes the depression and the bad emotions that are causing men to feel worse than before having sex for one night stand.

But instead, when dating London escorts for one night, actually it can be just for one hour and often even for 30 minutes, our mind is set up differently. We subconsciously are ready just for the fun, action of the meeting and not expect any emotional bonding. So we can have great time and feel a lot better after it. Very often men are surprised by the great time they had with London escorts from XLondonEscorts. Because they actually talk, have laugh and enjoy their company and not just the sex of it. Many of our escorts have repeated customer, which proves exactly that. And many men are booking them for longer that an hour and even for a whole night (called overnight booking). Obviously they are not going to have sex all the time, they are booking them for actual company, conversation, party partner and so on.

As a conclusion, ditch the one-night stands with strangers and choose London escorts. Use the dating apps only if it has the prospect of getting further with a long relationship and don’t use them meet girls for one night sex. Instead if that is what you are looking for visit the gallery on our website and choose what type of girl you want to spend time with for an hour, two or a whole night.