Five golden rules from cheap London escorts to achieve multiple orgasms

Many women believe that achieving multiple orgasms one after the other is a lost cause or it requires a special talent that only few women possess. Expert sexologists backed up by experienced cheap London escorts are rushing to fight that argument and to prove that multiple orgasms are accessible for every woman. The main thing is to know how to prepare yourself for them.

cheap London escorts are with such a huge experience in the sexology are that they can be better practitioners than the sexologists themselves. They have been through it all in the practice of escorting around the capital for years. cheap London escorts have experienced and experimented with most things that you and I have only seen in movies or read about that. So, if there is anyone who can teach you how to achieve multiple orgasms for women and men, that is cheap London escorts.

1. Cheap London escorts suggest to set your mind for the right thinking

Multiple orgasms do exist. It is a fact and cheap London escorts can testify for their existence. Women around the world have to be one hundred percent convinced of that. Otherwise, trying to have fun several times in a row will not lead to any success. After all, a woman’s ability to achieve orgasm is directly related to what is going on in her head. If she is convinced that she can achieve many orgasms, she will really achieve them, according to cheap London escorts.

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cheap London escorts say that if you tune in to the thought that there is only one orgasm, then after the first supreme experience the body will stop responding to stimulation and go into a state of rest. That is why it is important to think positively and stay open to more pleasure.

Some women from cheap London escorts say that they have experienced that themselves. They had trouble achieving more than one orgasm in a sexual act, but found a way to open their mind and to believe in having multiple orgasms. And that had let them really achieve it. For many of them that happened accidentally, when they were just tipsy or overexcited for some reason and that let them forget about their boundaries of having a single orgasm.

2. Do not interrupt the pleasure, is a suggestion number two

A series of mutual pleasure and touches with your partner will allow you to maintain arousal with each other and at the same time give rest to the organs that have just actively participated in orgasm. cheap London escorts say that during orgasm, blood flow is stimulated and a huge number of nerve endings are activated, so that the body becomes much more sensitive and receptive to touches – often so much that you want to stop contact with your partner and rest. Therefore, in most cases, cheap London escorts after orgasm move away from their partner and rest after the sensations.

However, this practice is destructive for those who want to experience several orgasms in a row, say cheap London escorts, because from their experience the arousal lost during the break has a chance not to return at all and it is much harder to “wind up” after an orgasm than before. So, for repeated pleasure you need to maintain close contact with your partner, suggest cheap London escorts. During this time, do not stimulate the clitoris or other extremely sensitive areas of the body – it is better to focus on the chest and hips. And our cheap London escorts definitely have very sexy chests and hips, so that is usually not a problem for the men. A series of such touches will allow cheap London escorts to maintain arousal and at the same time give rest to the organs that have just been actively involved in orgasm.

3. Try the Kegel exercises

Strange as it may sound, the body can be prepared for multiple orgasms. cheap London escorts teaches women that they need to get used to the idea of the ultimate pleasure does not end with one finish. This can be achieved through workouts – sweet and enjoyable. Ask your partner to touch you and kiss your body, stopping and starting again. This exercise, according to cheap London escorts will teach your body to expect a new wave of pleasure every time you experience an orgasm. The body will remember this state and when you experience the first orgasm, it will already know that this is not all and that the greatest is yet to come.

Arnold Kegel’s world-famous exercise will help you tighten your muscles. cheap London escorts have tested it and can confirm it works: alternating maximum tension and maximum relaxation. Well-trained vaginal muscles are also the key to multiple orgasms. If they are in good shape, you can provoke their contractions on your own and this is a direct path to multiple orgasms.

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But it is not just about exercise, cheap London escorts are teaching that it is also important to learn how to use the acquired skill: the moment you feel muscle contractions during orgasm, do not relax – it is important to continue the process that your body has started, so that you continue to contract the muscles yourself. Then the second orgasm will inevitably come.

This is a technique cheap London escorts have used to experience multiple orgasms in all their relations. And they say that it works perfectly well. In fact sexuality also need training and preparation, just like everything else.

4. G-spot stimulation – suggested by cheap London escorts

G-spot stimulation is a sure way to achieve what every cheap London escorts and woman want. Once you have experienced an orgasm, move on to this area. It is as sensitive as the clitoris, but after orgasm she is not overexcited, so its stimulation will not be unpleasant – on the contrary, it will help prolong arousal and will get you closer to the second and third orgasm. Something that cheap London escorts experience all the time.

If you are still looking for this cherished point, cheap London escorts are saying that after orgasm it is very easy to find it: against the background of the smooth wall of the vagina, it will noticeably stand out with its roughness. It is located inside the female vagina on its upper front wall. It is usually located between 5-8 cm deep.

5. cheap London escorts also suggest to choose the hour carefully

Five golden rules from cheap London escorts to achieve multiple orgasms

Multiple orgasms do not tolerate negligence – you need to give them special time and do it in a designated for this calm and quiet place. So don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen on the beach, in the park or in the bathroom while the whole family is waiting for you for dinner in the living room. So, cheap London escorts are just saying that it all depends on your inner state. You have to feel good and relaxed if you have problems achieving multiple orgasms. Follow their advice and find a suitable time when you feel safe and relaxed, when you have nothing to think about except your and your partner’s pleasure.

If you just happen to want to meet with cheap London escorts for a quick date and a sexuality lesson or you want to send the whole night, get in touch with us. Or go ahead and have a look in our Today’s Gallery to find the London escort that suits your liking, and call us too book her.

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