Why men are still texting London escorts after dating

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The amazing girls, women and ladies who are working the hard but rewarding job of London escorts are having the issue of keeping in touch with their customers even long after stop dating them. The sexy girls are working hard during the night to make a living, but they also enjoy their job and get attached with customers as their work is being very close with them. So after finishing their shift and getting home in the early hours of the morning they just want to rest, because the next day is close and on top of the hard, night work London escorts have to maintain a beautiful, fit figure, to make many cosmetic procedures and to rest in order to look stunning as they are in the pictures of their profiles. Their mind also have to rest so they can be not just attractive but with sharp mind, entertaining and in general to be a good company. No one wants a grumpy, exhausted escort with no make-up and not a fresh, sexy smell as their companion.

Human Relationships Are Complicated For Cheap London Escorts

What we mean is that all human relationships are complicated, even for the cheap London escorts, who are professionals and shouldn’t be attached to customers. Usually the problem is that customers get emotionally attached to these gorgeous ladies and it is absolutely understandable. It is complicated, like it says on the Facebook status of most sexy women.

The love between a customer and an escort in London

Sometimes love comes from nowhere, all of a sudden and without any preparation or expectation of it. It comes powerful like a hurricane of strong emotions and sometimes it goes away like it never existed. But one thing is for sure with London escorts and it is that nothing is guaranteed and emotions that rush in our hearts are dynamic and not always holds in us. Unfortunately we human can’t control the process of falling in love or ending it, we can only listen to our hearts. Even professional lovers like London escorts and companions, who have a crazy lot of experience can’t control them.

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But what can you do when the person that a man falls in love just leaves them after the booked night? It is unfortunate that the person they fall in love is an escort in London. Probably every lady working as London escorts in a busy agency has been in this strange situation: All ends in the relationship and he is not booking her anymore, but still calls her and text her like they are old friends. The ladies are confused in a story like that, because for them it was just a job and no money no honey, but they still want to be booked again. And eventually they also had good time and really enjoyed the time spent with this particular customer, but can’t go see him without a booking. They usually get many questions in their little pretty heads at that point, the first one probably being “Why is he looking for me, I thought he doesn’t want to book me anymore?” And the emotions that cheap London escorts have in this moment are on the two poles. At the same time they are happy that he is still thinking of them and wants to see the, eventually to book them, but on the other side they probably don’t want to pay any more for meeting girls and wants some free dating, sex or whatever.

Because this situation is hard for everyone and even experienced London escorts who can be stone cold still have feelings, we will give you some free advice on why he might be calling, to both sides – the men customer and the confused cheap escorts in London.

It can never be for sure what is in a man’s head after the date with London escorts has finishes and why they text again and again to their favourite girl of XLondonEscorts can be just a guess. But we have a lot of experience and our sex and experienced escorts have seen a lot in their career, so our points are not based on blind guess and they actually make sense. One simple question is “Did he end up the date or you just had to go?” If he was the one ending it, maybe he has changed his mind and want to extend for another hour or for the whole night. From the other side maybe he is just missing his favourite London escort and want to know that she is still around for another booking, another night. Just to know that she still likes him as a customer and didn’t do anything wrong in the last date. Or maybe he feels that maybe he did something silly and wrong and hurt the girl and wants to apologise and keep this dating going on. At the end of the day, even if he doesn’t want to book this cheap escort again, but you know other common friends he doesn’t want her to chat to them and speak bad of him. Also not to put other London escorts off taking bookings from him.

In the case that the relationship is ended by the pretty escort of XLondonEscorts he is for sure looking for intimacy and doesn’t want to accept that the date has finished and eventually won’t be any more dates soon. It is also possible if the separation was unclear and painful for him that he just wants to clear out for himself what has happened and what lead to this separation. Whatever the story is, one thing is for sure – there are many unclear things between the London escorts and a customer, even if he is a regular. But the escort has to choose where to put the barrier.

A man is just looking for attention of London escorts

Men Still Text London Escorts

There is also a chance that is very possible and it is that the men is just looking for attention. That is the first reason that he booked London escorts in the first place, but he keeps texting them because he is just lonely and needs attention. Maybe this guy is just sitting on his coach, bore and is wandering with who he could exchange some words while time passes. Maybe he had few drinks, feels turned on and of course what is the first image or memory that comes to his mind – the sexy, teasing escort in London that he dated a while ago and had an amazing time. It is normal that she turns him on when remember, because London escorts always deliver great service and satisfaction especially if they work with XLondonEscorts.

If there is someone who can read mind, it is London escorts

Whatever the true is probably we will never know exactly what is in men’s mind, but guys be careful what you wish for. The stunning ladies of London escorts can actually read men’s mind. They are well experienced and knowledgeable and have a seventh sense that most other people lack.

What should London escorts reply to a text from customer

On the first place it is very important how the lady who works as an escort in London feels about the guy, when she sees his name on the screen. Does she feel excited, bore, hurt or does feel nothing at all. If she has a bad experience and thinks she doesn’t want to get any more bookings with him, then they will simply ignore the message. Our advice to men in this situation – don’t text anymore. But if she had good time with that particular customer she will reply with a friendly manner. She will keep the communication going, which is a good sign for booking her again and spend some more time together.

In case that cheap London escorts wants to keep the good manners with a customer but doesn’t want to be intimate with him anymore she will reply, but cautiously.