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Whatever we talk about it, the truth is that this coronavirus has screwed the single people the most. Together with them it has affected also cheap London escorts, as they can’t do their job safe and customers are a bit more afraid than normally they should be. Even though the quarantine has been lifted and is in our past, unfortunately it doesn’t mean that the measures won’t return in a couple of months when the winter virus season comes in England. Specialists are actually talking that a second wave is almost inevitable in whole Europe. But let’s not talk anymore about politics and predictions, but to come back to our topic – for the single ones it will be harder and harder to do sex with whoever, even with cheap London escorts. As we know we and other companies who provide cheap London escorts are taking serious measures to prevent the spreading and to protect their customers and staff. But single men will be more and more cautious and will want to be safer.

This is how cheap London escorts do sex during the pandemic

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While for couples it is easy to stay home and enjoy their sexlife, for singles it is harder. The best suggestion for the singles is to find a partner for a regular and safe sex. But if that is not an option as we know it is hard to do that in normal circumstances and a lot harder in a pandemic, then you can always count on cheap London escorts. But there are some tactics and tricks that you can put to practice if you want to protect yourself and cheap London escorts even more.

The specialists are suggesting to bet on the so hated masks even when you are in bed with your intimate partner from cheap London escorts. We know it sounds somehow unpleasant and absurd to be with masks while making love to cheap London escorts, but that extra caution can save you both. And if you she does it that way with you, then you can believe that she is using mask with her other clients. Which prevents the virus from spreading from customer to customer.

Another important moment is the sex position that you are using. Anyway men love the doggy style sex position. Now is the time to practice it more often with their chosen cheap London escorts and to minimise the spread of the Covid-19. In general every position that doesn’t require to be face to face with your sex partner is a great option for these times of risk. The same applies for the “spooning”, “the rider”, “the backside rider” and so on. If you are not familiar with all these sex positions please ask the one girl from cheap London escorts that you are dating to show you and explain you a bit more about the safest sex positions.

And here comes the worst part of it all – the kissing. The year of 2020 definitely is not the year of the kiss, especially with strangers. The best way to catch the virus is to swap saliva with someone who has it, even if they are not sick or showing symptoms. Actually there is great chance that you can catch it even if someone sneezes in the same room with you. So be safe please, and better avoid the kisses with cheap London escorts, no matter how tempting these beauties are. And please put your mask on. Don’t laugh or make jokes about it, this time will pass as everything else.

And one extra advice from us: if possible, do sex with cheap London escorts in an open space. And of course don’t let anyone see you or catch you. If you combine the sex outside with the appropriate sex position, where you are not breathing face to face with cheap London escorts, you will guarantee yourself the pleasure with almost zero thread of Covid-19.

With all that knowledge and even more practical advices our cheap London escorts are equipped with masks and ready to serve. So go have fun, but put your masks and keep your distance.

The most common lies that cheap London escorts say in bed

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Honestly said, in their aspiration to make their customers feel unique and to improve their self confidence cheap London escorts are twisting the truth a little bit during sex. They are presenting things not exactly as they are just to stimulate their customer libido. It is called a noble lie.

Lets see what are the most common lies that cheap London escorts use in bed to make their customer feel better about themselves:

Fake orgasm and even no orgasm at all

The truth is that only 58 percent of women reach orgasm every time when they do sex. The rest of the women don’t even know what the hell is that thing. And not to mention that most men finish before the lady without even considering that they have left her alone on the edge of the grand finale. With cheap London escorts that number drastically reduces as doing sex is their profession and they often have to fake it. Men have to realize that they can’t really achieve orgasm few times a day with customers. So they have to fake it, and they do it because of them and just to deliver them pleasure. But I am not really sure that men realize that and how thankful they should be about that lie. So, next time when you are with cheap London escorts think about how you can satisfy her so you are not left alone searching for other methods of self-satisfying. You know what I mean!

OMG, how big it is

It is natural for cheap London escorts to want to make a compliment to their customer in bed. This “little” lie is always working and raises the men’s spirit before the action. cheap London escorts only want to boost their partner’s confidence so they can do the job and enjoy it for themselves. Apparently it works every time and men are never suspicious of the escorts honesty.

I don’t have enough experience in sex

Even though that there are no other ladies in the city that are more experienced in sex than cheap London escorts, they like to present themselves as non-experienced. This is something in all women that they like to present themselves as innocent bunnies in bed, who can’t wait for some well experienced men to teach them exciting tricks. cheap London escorts usually do that to boos the men ego to the roof. And it works most of the time, even when they know that there is no way these beautiful ladies are not experienced. But cheap London escorts can actually show a lot of skills and knowledge in sex and can actually teach something new every customer.

You are a real virtuoso in bed

Cheap London Escorts - Sexy Teen With Sweet Socks

This is definitely another one of these small lies that cheap London escorts use in bed to boost the man’s ego. All they want, after all, is to deliver satisfaction and they are even getting paid for that. But this lie can be harmful for the man if he believes it too much. He might start thinking that he is really the best. And instead of stimulating his sexual planning it could hurt it. Guys you know that if you were really a sexual guru, you wouldn’t need cheap London escorts to tell you that. Have a look at our Today’s Gallery to see who is available today.

O, yes I did finish with you!

Some people would say that cheap London escorts are very stupid because they are only looking to satisfy him and not themselves. But the truth is that they love their job and they enjoy it as much as their customers. And occasionally they are not enjoying it, or just got tired, but have to do the job anyway. In these few situations they have to lie that they have finished. This of course is not to hurt their customer but it is also a professional courtesy.

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