The story of one London escorts
The story of one London escorts

Has it happened to you to be in the role of a mistress? Well, this is a male website, so probably not. But have you had one in your life? The mistress is the woman who is breaking apart someone’s else family, conscious or not. Or just ruins her own life by sharing the bed with someone’s else husband. Unfortunately, or not many London escorts are in this role of life. These ladies are questioning themselves many times. Especially when cheap London escorts have feelings for this particular customer, who is in another relationship and is just having fun on the side. They ask themselves all the time why this man is not leaving his partner to be dedicated completely to them. Why is he keeping the dates with London escorts a secret and is staying with his partner even when he is obviously not happy and satisfied? They ask themselves if they can rely on anything in such case and is there a way that it will end good for them.

The happiest girls are London escorts

The true, ladies from London escorts, is that in many situations the mistress is in worse position than the cheated wife. She exists only to satisfy the sexual and physical needs of the cheater. As well as to make him happy when he gets enough of the monotony of the family nest. Here we will present to you a story of one lady from cheap London escorts, who made a mistake to fall in love with a married man. He was hers, but only for a short time and this ruined her life.

The Story Of Rosie – Beautiful London Escorts

Her name is Rosie and she the representation of a successful London escort – young beautiful, smart, ambitious and with lots of customers. She could have who ever she wishes and she is more independent than ever. Her escorting career is booming and she is one of the most looked for cheap London escorts. And who else can break that perfect life than a man, a married man.

For people like me the society doesn’t say anything good. I am on the other side of the wall – I am one of the London escorts that is ruining families. But the truth is that I am a woman and I love too! The biggest happiness for me was that I met this man, and my biggest misery is that it happened too late. He is married, has a wife and a wonderful son, who he loves. And he is the reason why they don’t get along anymore. Honestly I have never met a better father than him, but on the other side he behaves horrible with the woman next to him. But she doesn’t deserve it, she is so smart and nice. I suspect that we would have become very good friends if we didn’t love the same man. The only difference between us is that I know about her, but she doesn’t suspect about me.

Fell In Love With A Regular Customer

I know this man, because he has booked me as he is a regular customer of
cheap London escorts. He has even booked me for a bachelor party of his friend and that’s how his wife knows me briefly. When we met for first time with her I already were sleeping with her husband and it was very weird. While she was so kind and accommodating. Only if she new what is going on.

London escorts some times are misserable

I am dreaming that they get separated. I am already 33 and don’t want to work all my life as London escorts. Even though that this job is very well paid and people tell me that I look stunning. I could probably keep working for another 7 to 10 year easily. Even I know customers, who will keep supporting me. But I have always imagined that by this age I would have a family, kids and so on. The one that I love already has a family and a kid, but not me. I don’t have the energy to change my life, probably I will be London escorts for quit a while. Once I gained confidence to tell him that I want to have a kid from him, but he was absolutely against it. He said that he can’t be a part of two families at the same time, this is immoral for him. This way, he said, he will hurt too many people. The true is that only I feel pain from the whole story.

Professional cheap London Escorts Get Paid To Date

After all I, like a professional cheap London escorts, get paid to meet guys and occasionally to do sex with them. But love is behind the corner and we can’t choose who to fall in love with. Maybe on some deep subconscious level we do choose, but It is a whole different story to control it.

Like many other London escorts, now with this lock down, the situation is killing me. Not to mention that now actually live with my parents, who know about my profession like one of the sexiest London escorts. And they also know that I am in love with this guy. They are blaming and accusing me of what I do and how could I take this man from his family. My mother seems like she can’t accept that I have the right to be happy too. She tells me that I have no right, whatsoever to expect from this man and I should quit my job as cheap London escorts. For her, in this job I will only break families and hurt people. Because of her the last month I have been accepting bookings only from single men, to try and forget about that man. But it didn’t work.

ladies from London escorts

Cheap London escorts have crazy and silly ideas

Sometimes in my crazy London escorts’ head are born silly ideas. For example, to call his wife and to tell her the whole story about us. But I am not doing it because I feel pity about her. I just like the idea that they will separate and this is a good way to provoke a divorce. But even after all that, maybe she will still stay with him. It is hard to dump a man like him, I wouldn’t. Maybe if I call her I will lose more, because they are not going to separate and he will definitely stop his contacts with me. I can’t take that risk

For my own horror I don’t see an exit from the situation. I love him! For one London escorts like me, it is an honour and pleasure to be with him, even if it is secretly. I adore hearing his voice and feeling him touching my skin.

I am the happiest woman of cheap London escorts and the most miserable one at the same time. I had the luck to meet my only big love at work, but unfortunately it is bitter. Very bitter.

Rosie an ex London escorts

Now you see, what I am talking about. Isn’t that a story? London escorts can be the happiest people, because of the money they make, the pleasure they delivery and the satisfaction they get from their job. But cheap London escorts can be very miserable, if their job leads them to a love story which they can’t get away of. They are human, they also love, hate and adore. Women, like London escorts, who can have every man, and who get many men each week. If she falls in love, this means she is in love deeply. And even tough guys like you know how love hurts, when you can’t have it all the way ~ get in touch with us.

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