Some sex positions to light the fire with London escorts and few tips bonus

Understandable and quite normal – there are days when you want rough and unrestrained sex, and there are days when you long for romantic and casual pleasure. Without some big unnecessary introduction, let’s just step right into the list of the sex positions with London escorts that you will enjoy most:

If women generally take a longer time to reach orgasm – just take the things in their hands and don’t wait! When you feel that you are already aroused enough – London escorts lie on the bed, spread your legs and call you. Let it stand so that there is a little space for your hand between your bodies so that you can act alone. You will definitely like this pose both with London escorts!

Blonde sexy girl London escorts

Eyes wide open

London escorts on the bed on her back and transfers legs over your shoulders. Close your eyes and use your hand to adjust the strength and amplitude of the movements and the pleasure.

Doggy, but a different

Stand in the “dog” pose, the woman spread her legs and take the favourite sex toy. Double pleasure is guaranteed!

Ask for a “massage”

If you are relaxing and not having sex at the moment, ask for a massage. Then lie on your back, and London escorts stay on top with back to you with legs slightly apart – one of the legs is between yours. Lazy but very pleasant sex will make both of you happy.

Nubile London escorts with sexy legs

Black Ninja

Sex position for people in very good physical shape. London escorts climb on the seat of the chair and lean on your arms your legs should also be on the seat – slightly folded. If you manage to stay in this position definitely worth it! You will get multiple orgasms both of you.

Bonus sex positions for romantic sex with London escorts

There is no need for many tricks and tips, everything is clear there, but in the second case – the poses with London escorts we offer you will definitely be useful for you.


London escorts orient according to the situation and mood, or you lie on your back, and her lie on him so that you are both facing the ceiling. This way you will be able to move together in sync, and London escorts will provide you with easy and fast access to a large part of the erogenous zones as well as to the clitoris.

Sexy London escorts best sex positions

Missionary, but not exactly the traditional

This sex position provides you with an unforgettable feeling and not only for you! you so that your legs remain between his legs. Move the opposite: when you lift your hips, he has to relax his, then take turns and so on until you reach. That unforgettable experience for you and London escorts.

Close connection

The woman lie on her stomach and run her arms under her body, spreading legs slightly. Let men lie on her, leaning on his arms or elbows, wrapping her legs around his. Then gather her legs and cross them. There will be a variation of the doggy sex position with London escorts, but with much closer contact.

High, up in the sky

Long sex is difficult but very, very pleasant. To help him reduce the tension “down there” and in the spine – London escorts offer to lean against the wall, because he is at the right height or on the table, or where it occurs to you. Let him whip up his imagination and take you in his arms, then embrace his waist with his legs and do it in the air.


London escorts lie on her back and place a pillow under the thighs. She lift legs and bend your knees at right angles. The angle of penetration will change and this is one of the desired effects and advantages of the sex position. Another plus is that if your partner changes his movement – not as usual, but to move as if writing the number 8, you will definitely have an incredible orgasm, as it will be as close as possible to her clitoris and the feeling will be unforgettable.

Position 68

Not everyone feels comfortable in position 69, so it’s not bad to try 68. The basic position is preserved, but the difference is that at 68 the pleasure is not both for both, but one by one. First, London escorts lie down on your partner so that your pelvis is right on your partner’s face, resting on your elbows. Then you change as you stay below, and so on.

What exactly men like in the sex position 69

  • Mutual Pleasure: He makes you happy, you make him happy. You don’t wait your turn, you don’t change. You both give – you both receive. Everything is perfect with London escorts.
  • He likes your moans: Few people like oral sex, but London escorts moan so sexy and erotic that it drives him crazy
  • It’s very close to your most sensitive erogenous zones: Like you to his. Only in this position can you both with London escorts reach some particularly sensitive erogenous points and areas.
  • Two rabbits in one go: For him, it’s not just oral sex. In a sense, it’s a different view of you, at this point, you radiate a slight dominance without realizing it.
  • It’s different than regular oral sex: Both not only give but also receive. It’s very nice and, yes, intimate.
  • The pose is great if you want to paint a little: Well, it is clear that you can always bring each other to orgasm without penetration.
  • Fewer worries: London escorts don’t have to think about whether you like the nipple game or whether you should close your eyes during sex. Really – the sex position brings fewer worries on all fronts!
  • Everything is turned upside down: Both directly and figuratively. You both see each other from a different and perhaps a little unexpected angle. So if there are problems in your relationship, now is the time to pay attention to London escorts, well, not right away, of course.
London escorts in bed will teach you sex positions

Some tips for silent and passionate sex

Then you will be able to communicate without words – but only to kiss and look at each other in the eyes. And that will be enough! And in this sex position with London escorts, it will be easier for both of you to shut your mouth if necessary.

If you use sex toys – keep them quiet

A great option to diversify sex in silence with London escorts is to include a sex toy that does not vibrate and does not emit sounds announcing the whole house.


First, they are comfortable to lie on them and second – they do a great job of closing your mouth if you are in a dog pose.

Move to the floor

If your bed itself is too noisy, then you should not be surprised! Take the softest blanket you can find in the room, spread it on the floor and indulge in quiet and hot pleasures with London escorts!

The bathroom

Running water hides most sounds. Just remember that it can be slippery there. And it’s certainly not a good idea to shut yourself in for half an hour in the morning! And it is suspicious, and still, someone will see you, and there is no way to get away without someone wanting to use it.

Stay home

If you really find it difficult to have casual sex within the home, where you are aware that there are more people who could understand what you are doing. With a simple call, you can enjoy the touch under the covers with London escorts until most of the occupants of the house decide to go out and you to be alone for a while at least.