A Level Escorts in London
A Level Escorts in London

For the anal sex there are many myths and legends that exist but there are also some really important facts that we shouldn’t ignore if we have decided to practice it. It is true that anal sex or also known as A Level escorts in London is preferred method of sex not only for homosexuals but for heterosexual couples too.

Yes, it is true that anal sex is safe but only in certain conditions. Here we will answer few of the most frequently asked questions regarding the sexual act in the anal or the famous service of some A Level escorts in London. But first I want to introduce you to the escorts in London. In the description of each girl you usually can find what services they do when meeting with clients and if you see there the A Level it means that this particular escort in London is enjoying and would deliver anal sex for a certain amount of money. Sometimes escorts in London are charging extra for A Level but they would inform you about that before you actually book them.

In our website how it usually work – when you like a girl from our escorts list and you want to book her for a certain time you call us and we will tell you if she is available and when she can be at the address proposed from you for a meeting. At that point we will give you the lady’s phone number and you can discuss if she is offering A Level escorts or just call in anal sex if you like. We from the agency don’t know and don’t want to know if and what the London escorts are doing with you, so these matters you have to discuss prior to your meeting.

Here are our suggestions, advices and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about anal sex. For answering these we have used the help of A Level escorts in London from XLondonEscorts who have enough experience and knowledge in it.

Is there a chance to hurt the anus during anal sex or A Level service?

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Yes there is a risk of hurting your partner’s anus during anal sex if you haven’t done it before. That is why you or she is very important to prepare the anus for the new adventure with the help of lubricant and anal widener. And it is also very important you as her partner to be very careful and slow in the penetration. The girls from A Level escorts in London are experienced and know how to maintain their anus in top condition, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be hurt. So in the name of A Level escorts safety please be careful with them as not only you can hurt them, but they can terminate your booking instantly and you won’t be refunded.

Attention to all A Level escorts: If you are making enema to yourself before the sexual act there is a chance to cause an inside infection to the anus. And that is why we and our experienced A Level escorts in London are recommending that it is better and safer to just visit the toilette a certain time before the anal sex and don’t trust on hard lavements.

Can you get an infection and can the A Level escorts get one

Of course you can get infected, but it is more dangerous for the A Level escorts in London and they are the one that is taking the most risk in an anal sex. It is obvious what people do with their butt whole and the bacteria that is passing through it is significant and by bacteria we don’t mean the good ones – exactly the opposite. It is very important to use a condom during anal sex with A Level escorts in London or in fact with any other partner, even if you know the lady well. It is maybe helpful and important to know that no lady won’t and shouldn’t let you back through the front entry once you have been in the back-garden. You have to know that A Level escorts in London are doing this to protect themselves from some very nasty and hardly to get rid of infections.

As much as open minded and happy to deliver the best services in the city A Level escorts in London who you will find in this website are very careful about their own health and they know how to protect themselves. So our advice is to listen to them carefully and to follow their instructions if you want to enjoy yourself, otherwise it will spoil the whole experience of anal sex and you won’t be left happy.

The anal sex can have a permanent effect on your health

If you are practicing anal sex with random girls including some A Level escorts from other companies, who are not making a regular health checks you and your partner are taking the risk to be infected with HIV and all the regular suspects.

All of our A Level escorts in London are passing a regular health check and they are very protective and healthy. They also won’t let you have unprotected sex, no matter regular or anal. But even though we advise you to not practice unprotected sex at any time, even though A Level escorts in London are probably the most secure one. So even if some of these ladies are offering you this service for an added cost think and be on the safe side as the pleasure is for short time, but your health is for a lifetime.

For the A Level escorts the risks are always higher and even if they use protection they may get the incredibly uncomfortable problems with the faecal incontinency. This means an uncontrolled release of faecal and abnormal function of the muscle. This reaction is caused exactly because of the often anal sex, which stretches and widens these parts of the body. That is why if the ladies from A Level escorts feel that something is wrong they have to and will stop doing anal sex for a while. So guys if you have had this service from A Level escorts before and later the same girl is refusing, don’t take it personal as they may have health troubles and need to stay away from in for a while. Or maybe it is personal.

What are the symptoms to avoid making anal sex?

For a woman from A Level escorts if she wants to avoid problems she has to be very careful and to stop making anal sex as soon as it is too painful and doesn’t bring her pleasure. You heard right boys, they do feel pleasure when they are making anal sex even though it is for money, they still feel pleasure. And they feel certain pain as well, some girls actually enjoy that little pain, but when this pain become strong and greater than the pleasure don’t think that they will keep being your A Level escorts in London.

The ladies from London who are providing the A Level escorts service must make sure that their partner, or in this case their customer is very patient and is listening to what they are telling him to do. So guys if you want to receive the so famous A Level escorts service in London you will have to be that patient guy and to abide what the lady is telling you as even though you are in the control of the situation with penetration, actually she is the one who is more exposed.

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