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Make a Woman ComeSearch in Google for the term “How to make a woman come” or “How to make a girl come” and you will find hundreds of sites which give advice on the best sex positions that are guaranteed to make a woman come. But what most people don’t realize is that a woman’s road to orgasm is way different from a man’s. While physical stimulation alone can get a man to orgasm, how to make a woman come is also mental. Even mostly mental thing than physical, I would say.

Ever ask yourself why women love romantic comedies and soap operas, while men just watch porn? It’s because of the storyline, a guy who falls deeply in love and makes a superfluous romantic gesture, men will get bored watching it, but women will act different.

Listen to what she needs to make her come

You can find a lot of thoughts on the internet on how to make a girl come or how to make a woman come, or articles like: “How to make her come” or “Make her orgasm”. Many of them written by women and really describes how someone can make them come, or just telling a story about her best sexual experience adding the label “it works with all women”. But my favourite and a one that seems to be very popular is this blog with the easy name – How to make me come

How To Make Me Come

How To Make Me Come is a very interesting blog collecting now over 80 essays published anonymously, all from different girls or women about their orgasm experiences and desires. There are also 10 audio Episodes of very naughty and shameless talks on the topic: “How to make me come”. Some of the women share their thought on how would it be easier to make a woman come. Each one of them approaches the topic in a varied way and each one of them is very interesting. Many women take the form of a personal “How-to” guide – How to make a woman come, How to make a girl come, How toDisappointing Sexual Experience make me come, How to get arousal, How to make her orgasm and so on. Others tell their stories of bad and disappointing sexual experiences. But others focus on and write about their earliest memories of climax. Regardless of the angle they have chosen, there is something amazing and very powerful, even arousal about women bluntly and unapologetically talking about their own pleasures and suggesting men on how to get them satisfied sexually.

Even the lightest and smaller of the essays still can shock you and put you on your back hitting your forehead. They can make you laugh and make you say “Is that what it is, is that how to make her come?”

Sure physical action is necessary to actually make her come, romance won’t do it, but sex only plays a minor role. And while websites with sex positions may be right, you stand a far better chance of making her come after laying the foundation through a bit of romance. There are two parts, the foundation which comes before sex and the actual intercourse:


As a guy, you see a beautiful girl and immediately get aroused, but a woman probably won’t just be aroused by a six-pack; it’s a plus but not everything. You want to build her arousal all through the day so that her body already expects to have an orgasm. This can be done through flirting, keep her engaged through the day with playful texts and begin getting her into the mood. Believe me it will be much easier to you to make her orgasm later in the night.

Your choice of cologne for the day is also important, the way you smell can be a major factor for how the night turns out. Try something musky that mimics testosterone and stimulates her. This is also important for the future, because scent makes a more lasting impression in the brain, and wearing the same cologne next time is going to remind her of the last time she was with you.

Foreplay then comes next, and this is crucial.

Even before getting her clothes off, try to get her aroused through physical contact; this could be through a light massage on the shoulder or feet. Then comes the kissing, it actually relieves stress by reducing cortisol production, and make sure you do it for about 3 minutes at least.

Foreplay, explore and kissAfter taking her clothes off, you can now go exploring, I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you about the boobs, no one really forgets about that. However, make sure you use light touches and gentle squeezes unless she asks otherwise, basically forget everything you see in porn. To get a woman aroused you need to be gentle and tender. Of course there are some exceptions who like it rough, but generally listen to them and you will know what your woman needs to have a powerful and genuine orgasm.

When you get to the vaginal area, make sure you stimulate the clitoris, try to get into it and not be too clinical. Rub the clitoris gently until you see signs of climax like vaginal lubrication and tightening. Getting her to the edge is advisable, so that she can come a few seconds after penetration because she can experience another orgasm soon afterwards unlike men.

What to Do After You Get Her into the Bedroom, Or Wherever Else

We’re getting to the exciting part, which is also tricky because your arousal may take over and you revert to your old ways. Try to pace yourself and remember this is not just about you; she has to get hers too. My guess is, that is exactly the reason why you are reading this article – because you want to know how to make her come.

Sex Positions That Will Make Her Come

You can find many other sexual positions in internet that will help you with to make a woman come and this article is not so concentrated on the sex positions, but here are a few simple but surely helpful tips. Place a pillow under her bum. This will position her midriff for penetration, making you thrust deeper. It will also generate contact between your pelvis and her clitoris which is key in producing an orgasm. There are other positions which do the same such as doggie, and you can try that if she is fine with it. Again – listen to her and you will find what you need to do to make your girl come.

Use Your Words

Most women will appreciate verbal responses during sex, just remember to make it related to what you are doing. Some women may prefer a little dirty talk, but keep it subtle and only make it explicit if she seems to like it. Also match your breathing pattern to hers, studies have shown a stronger bond is formed when you breathe as one.

Don’t Forget To Touch and Kiss

Just because you did it to arouse her doesn’t mean you stop. Kissing and Touching is the keyPay special attention to the neck and breasts as these areas are sensitive.  Touching is not just in the beginning, don’t turn the action in to an animal story, you still need to be tender and to touch and kiss. But that definitely is for your pleasure too, it will keep you aroused and make your “thing” even stronger.


Now, I don’t claim to be the orgasm guru or anything, only that I finally understand why this is still a big problem to most men. To get it right next time, put yourself in the woman’s shoes, and don’t assume you can get her off the same way you do yourself.

Always remember that no two women are the same, so whenever you try something watch how she reacts to it. Approach every move tentatively and only continue if she is fine with it.

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