How to do sex

To do a stunning sex with your partner, it is important to prepare in advance, for such an important event. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the most common mistakes made by cheap escorts in London during lovemaking, which can spoil the mood of even the most in love men. London escorts and their extremely big experience are great at what they  do, but they have gone through all of these mistakes to reach the level that they maintain now.

Here are the 15 worst mistakes that cheap escorts in London have done in their sex experience and their personal advices how to overcome them and what to change to do the most amazing sex with your partner.

How to do sex

Tip 1: Don’t plan a romantic date on a busy day

If you plan romantic date on a busy day you may be so tired that there is no time for tenderness and sex. Even if he understands your tiredness, keep in mind that your loved one may also take offense. Cheap escorts in London would advise you to plan ahead and know your powers and plan to have romantic date when you know that you will have the energy to enjoy and give pleasure at the end of it.

Karina, London escort from xLondonEscorts, 28 years old:

“A friend had been in love with cheap escorts in London for a very long time. When it came to the intimate moment, his joy knew no bounds. But the day turned out to be very stressful for his beautiful girl of cheap escorts in London. As a result, fatigue prevailed. She fell asleep right during the foreplay. The process, as they say, was not consummated, but the relationship ended as soon as she woke up”.

That can really be frustrating and even offensive to a man.

Tip 2: Warn your loved one about your plans

When you have a plan for a date or some romantic surprise for your partner cheap escorts in London advise to share at least a little bit, so your partner can expect something and at least to show up. Otherwise, he may inadvertently “screw” you with a surprise meeting with friends at a bar. And every cheap escorts in London know what happens next – disappointment, arguing, lack of intimacy and even worst.

Alina, 31 years old cheap escorts in London:


“Once I decided to surprise my boyfriend. I bought a sexy suit, waited for him to arrive and at an unexpected moment, under the pretext of “powdering my nose”, I went to the bathroom to change. I waited for my beloved to come to me. Then I jumped out of the bath, to pleasantly surprise him. Seeing me disguised as a tigress, he flashed his eyes, and then seized his throat. The rapture was so strong that he nearly died from an olive lodged in his crooked throat.”

London cheap escorts advise that some people can’t handle surprises, no matter good or bad ones. So be careful who do you surprise and how. Or at least worn them so they can prepare mentally themselves for some sort of surprise, say Alina, from cheap escorts in London.

Tip 3: Make sure your man feels comfortable while making love during your period, advise cheap escorts in London

The joys of love with cheap escorts in London in the moment of their monthly menstruation are a special topic of conversation. Most cheap escorts in London on such days would not allow their partner near them, but if you have already decided, it is better to discuss this delicate matter at the very beginning. Otherwise, you are risking to disgust him for a long time. He may need long time after that to forget the image that disgusted him.

Christina, 25 years old escort in London

“A friend, also working as London cheap escorts, dragged her boyfriend to the bathroom during her period. At the most crucial moment, he turned green and then collapsed on the floor. He passed out! A bruised back and a bump on the back of the head were the result of this surprise encounter with the her monthly menstruation period – he remembered this cheap escorts in London for at least another month.”

Tip 4: If you are a parent, it is better to send the children to the grandparents or the neighbour for a while

There’s no need for your kids to be unwitting witnesses to your foreplay, right? London cheap escorts would never let their kids witness what they do at work, or in the bedroom with their permanent partner. They advise that it is just better to plan ahead and send the kids somewhere, grandparents, neighbours, friends and etc.

Susan, 34 years old cheap escorts in London:

Cute Young Cheap Escort

“Our 5-year-old son, in the midst of foreplay, flew into the room and saw us. When asked: “Mom, what are you doing?” His father could not think of anything better than to say that we were dancing. The consequences of such an innocent lie was not long in coming. The very next evening the teacher took me aside and told me that my son invited one of his classmates to dance in music class and started hugging her! Later we explained everything to my son, but in this for a moment I was ready to sweat the ground with shame.”

Tip 5: During a date do not eat too much with your partner

There is nothing bad, if fact it is great that your partner will appreciate your culinary skills, but follow the advice of London cheap escorts and believe them that sex and love pleasures on a full stomach are really hard to achieve. So, no steaks, burgers and fries this time before date. Be also careful with fruits, cheeses, alcohol and obviously sweets, say cheap escorts in London.

Eva, 24 years old London cheap escorts:

“I decided to make the evening extra romantic and make him feel special. Corset, stockings, heels… Two hours on the stove. Appetizers, steak, salad, wine… When he saw me in an apron and high heels, he immediately started kisses me. And I: no, let’s eat first. As a result, he ate so much that he didn’t have enough strength for sex.”

Tip 6 from cheap escorts in London: If you’re going to make love to music, choose the right songs in advance

Searching for suitable songs during foreplay itself is not the best idea, and neither is clicking the remote during lovemaking. London cheap escorts always keep a sex playlist in their phones and are ready to put it on, either on their device or cast through Bluetooth.

Alex, 22 years old:

“We put on the first song we came across and started making love. At the most unexpected moment, the music ended and tunes from old cartoons started. All the passion between us went to waste.”

A simple advice from cheap escorts in London is – be prepared. Choose a long enough list, save it and play it when needed. Otherwise, you are risking to lose the passion and both become irritated and not satisfied.

To be continued…

By Mario