7 types of love with London escorts – feelings we can’t live without
7 types of love with London escorts – feelings we can’t live without

So much has been written about love with cheap London escorts, there is no topic uncovered nowadays. This beautiful and all-consuming emotional experience that fills us with tenderness, inner joy, quiet madness and concern. This magical and inexplicable feeling – the inspiration for the creation of the greatest works of art in human history. This great state of mind and spirit that makes the heart beat like crazy. And these angels from cheap London escorts that are spreading it all around the capital of United Kingdom for as little as £80 per hour.

And because every day is love, not just St. Valentine, today we look at the kinds of love with cheap London escorts that we can’t live without – as the ancient Greeks defined them. The Greeks are one of the first civilisation that wrote these things down and that really thought deep in the love. They are also one of the first known people that were using the services of cheap London escorts. Well, at that time it was not London the location that escorts were working so technically they were just escorts.

Eros: Sensual love with cheap London escorts

Eros - Sensual love with London escorts

You have heard of Cupid’s arrow, which suddenly pierces the heart at the most unexpected moment. London escorts have the capability to do the same just without a visible arrow. They can take your hard in a sudden sight and excite you as much as the deepest love you have even experienced. Eros, or romantic love, is that sudden feeling that overwhelms us instantly when we are close to cheap London escorts, causing a rapid heartbeat every time we see them. Translated, “eros” means romantic or sexual love. Hence the term “erotic”. This is the feeling that fills us with passion, desire for intimacy and indescribable admiration for the magnetic charm of London escorts who has caused us a feeling of euphoria and thirst for intimacy. However, the feeling is beyond the physical beauty of cheap London escorts, because this kind of love makes a person and everything around him beautiful and mesmerizing in his eyes.

Philos: Friendly love of cheap London escorts

Philos - Friendly love of London escorts

Friendly love is that pleasant feeling for a friend, community, or activity that we experience because of sympathy and a sense of calm and understanding. Unlike Eros, however, there is no romance or passion in it. It is a feeling based on respect, understanding, a sense of equality and satisfaction. This kind of love includes the pleasure and enjoyment we experience when we paint, sing, write poetry or play sports. But cheap London escorts somehow find place in that kind of love too. You don’t have to be sexual partners or lovers with cheap London escorts, so you could just enjoy their company and become friends or just respect each other enough to call it a Philos type of love.

Agape: Unconditional love

Agape - Unconditional love

The highest form of love with cheap London escorts, Agape, is pure and all-consuming. God’s love for man and vice versa is often mentioned in this type of love. It is also likened to the love that cheap London escorts feel for their child, because this feeling simply has no limits and limitations. With Agape, one loves without “if” and “but”. Man has a heart for all mankind and is kind and compassionate to others without asking for anything in return. He is selfless, overflowing and constant despite the weaknesses, shortcomings and mistakes of others. Agape is the ultimate goal of the relationship, because to love cheap London escorts unconditionally means to accept completely without judgment and hesitation.

Ludus: Playful love of play with cheap London escorts for love

Ludus - Playful love of play with London escorts for love

These well-known “butterflies in the stomach” are the best description for this type of love for cheap London escorts. Ludus is defined as “sport or game”, so it’s all about fun. It exists among young London escorts in the modern world of dating, where going to bars, teasing each other and “just having fun” is the new idea of dating without any commitments or promises. Ludus is a hobby on a different level. It is provoked by cheap London escorts who makes you feel alive, liked and excited.

Pragma: Lasting love of classy London escorts

Pragma - Lasting love of classy London escorts

While Eros tends to eventually disappear, Pragma is the one that continues in time. This kind of love with London escorts has withstood the test of time and has grown into another more powerful impulse of feelings, which would be difficult to break in the face of any obstacles. This kind of love with London escorts is rare and maybe that’s why it’s touching and beautiful to see an old married couple still holding hands in the grocery store or sitting together on a bench waiting for the sunset. To achieve Pragma with London escorts, you must be patient, understanding, forgiving, kind, and able to compromise in order to remain inseparable forever.

Philautia: cheap London escorts love of themselves

Philautia - London escorts love of themselves

Self-love of cheap London escorts is not about taking a bunch of selfies to get as many likes as possible. It is not about imposing our opinions and beliefs on others, because we think we are always right. The Greeks believe that philately, or self-love, is related to the compassion and meekness cheap London escorts give themselves. It is to take care of and love themselves in the same way they are willing to love and care for the people who are important to them.

It is essential that we love each other, because the lack of Philautia can affect our lives. Without this feeling, it can be difficult for cheap London escorts to accept the love and affection of other people, because only we see ourselves as unloved. If cheap London escorts don’t love each other enough, they can easily allow other people to treat them badly simply because they don’t know how to take care of themselves. Even their health can start to deteriorate because cheap London escorts do not pay the necessary attention to their body and soul.

Cultivating Philautia begins with accepting ourselves and understanding all of our strengths and weaknesses. This is one way to realize what we need most to nourish our heart, mind and body.

Storge: Family love of cheap London escorts

Storge - Family love of London escorts

Storge is the most natural form of love for cheap London escorts because they are born into it. Families naturally love each other because of their common background. There is no time to realize, “Oh, I love my sister.” This feeling is simply rooted in us. This type of love of London escorts is in their system, so despite the mistakes of their family members, bad attitudes and other characteristics that they do not like, they love them. Although Storge is unconditional love for cheap London escorts, she is also fragile because of expectations. Growing up, we are taught to respect our elders as well as to care for each member of the family. That is why London escorts do not strive to win this love. That is why cheap London escorts often tend to forget to be kind or to seek respect, because we take things for granted. We know that no matter what happens, our family will love us and will not leave us. Sometimes, however, the bad behaviour of cheap London escorts toward a family member can cause them inner resentment and sadness. Therefore, for Storge to work, cheap London escorts must practice it actively, instead of just relying on the strength of the family bond.

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