Are curvy women better in bed?

As far as answering the question, “Are curvy women better in bed?” it is a mystery based solely on opinion. One thing is for certain, and the answers may never become apparent, but the research is by far the most rewarding aspect to solving that solution. When it comes to the most beautiful escorts in the world, it is very similar to comparing the most breathtaking scenery of the planet. Hot curvy woman in swimwearThe beautiful flat-lands of the planet are equally as attractive as mountainous regions. Each stands together as marks of excellence, gorgeous women, and stunning landscapes. As far as answering the question, each is entitled to their opinion. When it comes to presenting the evidence of which women were clearly the most memorable to their lovers, it might be important to turn back several centuries of documentation through time. To create a fairly accurate uniform measurement of whether curvy escorts are truly better in bed, we will provide our research in both the sports arenas as well as upon the canvases of classic art.

Night with beautiful curvy woman

Many have seen the captions on the bottom of the television commercials which are touting the performance of a great automobile. The measure of the ride and handling of a great sports car may sound shallow compared to a night spent in bed with a beautiful curvy woman, and it is, no doubt about it. How in the world can men, who measure beauty and elegance in such a narrow scope of analogous wealth begin to compare the true majesty of women, who we all understand to control the complexity of the universal mechanics? It is as difficult to describe why the sun is such a powerful celestial body that it provides energy throughout an entire solar system and beyond than to capture the way sexy curvy escorts makes you feel good in bed. Most of you would agree that the curvy escort makes it hard – and no other superlatives are necessary. To illustrate our comparison of the night in bed with the curvy escort compared to a night in bed with, shall we say an “oval challenged beauty,” we must agree that both are truly visions of loveliness.

Perfectly rounded body

Our professional drive and those advertising their automobiles seem to clearly prefer “curves” on the roads which illustrate pure refinement with respect to their creation. With that being said, even the most delightfully pleasing beauty without those Brazilian-like turns and tantalizingly thick thighs which seem to wrap themselves perfectly around a “behind” that are perfectly Sexy curvy womanrounded and should be called by another term, because it genuinely “leads” all others. In other words, the epitome in ride and handling seem to be convincingly in the corner of the curvy escort, based on the sporting authority of automobile drivers and designers. Even a “clumsy” car can look great, but the idea is to get you where you are going with the ultimate reward in driving experience. There is a lot to be said for leading the world onto the concept that everything is better when it is presented in a “shiny” box. It is what is inside which truly matters and the passion of curvy women from London escorts, which has advantages in both disposition and situation. There is a distinct difference between being in bed with a curvy woman who is hungry for love and a thin girl  who is just plain hungry.

Curvy Shapes of Women

When it comes to depicting the most pleasurable lovers throughout history, one needs only to examine the halls of museums of fine art. As far as sculptures go, how many great statues of tiny, little Hot Curvy womannutritionally challenged” women do you see? Not nearly as many of those “robust types” which are depicted in stone, not even close. Sculptures when molding their memories relied more clearly on the sense of touch as is evident by the supple, rounded beauties which they cast for all humanity to admire and preserve. Having the arms and legs of a curvy woman draped around your body is very similar to the glorious sentiments expressed by the finest sculptors of the world. You can almost feel the texture of their soft skin when coming across the statue or their skin, depending on if you are looking back at history or living in the present with a smile of completion, satisfaction and joy. It is obvious that the greatest sculptors enjoyed the feel of a woman without as many sharp angles of elbows and knees and hip bones which create a blunt trauma feeling like it could have punctured the whole which sank the Titanic. Not only were these great sculptors smart and had supreme taste in women but equally as “safety conscious” as any man who chooses to go to bed with a curvy London escorts of a more user-friendly body type.

Those Greatest Body Shapes

One clear failure of society can be observed by glancing back to the women who were preserved on canvas compared to the ones who merchandise the word’s wares today. Finally, the world is Sexy Curvy womangetting smarter and realizing that the true classics in art did not have their skeletons clearly visible beneath what appears to be a paper thin layer of skin. Curvy models and curvy escorts are coming back in a big way. The greatest artists captured the shades of those shapes most pleasing to all of the senses. They painted their dreams of the perfect woman from the memories of nights before. Women who wrestle all night in the covers without one worrying whether or not they might be blown away by a fairly stiff breeze when they stepped outside. Men who appreciate one or two-dimensional aspects of beauty can have all of the slight escorts they want, whether tall and thin or petite like the size of a large lap companion. If presenting shallow pieces of “eye candy” is the objective to make one feel younger or more successful then continue with that craving for the “thin mints” of the escort scene – secure and smart men prefer “pie.” Men who say they prefer thin women in bed are usually trying to lure one there because there are not any beautiful curvy ones around. The answer to the question “Are curvy women better in bed?” seems to be a resounding “yes”, based on thousands of years of carefully documented evidence. As a society, we have had a few years of “thin being in” but it is nice to see we are finished punishing ourselves. We are through traveling on the bland straight highways and are once again choosing more challenging curves with the most scenic views. When it comes to life throwing you “curves”, it is perfectly acceptable when you find yourself in bed with a curvy London Escorts to catch them and say “thank you.” If any of you want to try for yourself and see the answer you can always choose and hire your favorite curvy woman from X London Escorts who will give you a great company for hours.

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