awkward questions about sex by cheap London escorts

Every woman probably has felt a certain pain or discomfort, being a physical or mental, during or after sex. But there is nothing to warry, you are not alone. We from xLondonEscorts have collected the opinions of different, experienced cheap London escorts working with us. They will answer bellow the most common questions, that women have about sex, but are shy to talk about them with anyone.

awkward questions about sex by cheap London escorts

The gorgeous ladies working as cheap London escorts and advertised on XLondonEscorts are very experienced not just in companionship but also in the bedroom. There is no topic or question that can confuse them or leave them speechless. They know why and how is everything happening. Sometimes cheap London escorts are shocking me how well informed and experienced they are in their sex life. Seriously, they are better than doctors and any specialist in sexuality. Obviously some things need testing but they know when that has to be done or when a woman has to really consult a specialist.

Cheap London escorts answers the 7 most awkward questions about sex

This article will be split in two articles, expect the second one soon. Here are the most common 7 questions and you can see the answers of cheap London escorts below:

  1. I get turned on very quick but then loose interest when he turns on.
  2. Sometimes I cry during sex.
  3. I avoid oral sex, because I feel sometimes my vagina smells unpleasant.
  4. Leaving blood stains after sex.
  5. Cramps in the lower abdomen, even when you are not expecting menstruation?
  6. My vagina makes funny noises during sex. And there’s nothing I can do!
  7. I’m afraid my partner will find my vagina ugly as one lip is bigger than the other.

Getting turned on very quickly but then loose interest when the partner turns on

Sometimes when doing sex with her partner a woman gets turned on very quick but later loose interest. When he turns on she already wants to stop. Why is that happening and is it normal, according to cheap London escorts?

Don’t worry about it and be assured that you don’t have a sexual disfunction only because sometimes you loose interest during sex. But cheap London escorts are advising to observe what is happening. Maybe there is something that turns you off or your partner is doing something that you don’t like and loose interest because of it. The essential thing here is not to keep it in you. The advice of cheap London escorts is to share it calmly with your partner and tell him that this has happened, you can look for the reason together and find the solution with common efforts.

Sometimes I cry during sex. Is that normal?

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It happens! The sex can provoke a wide variety of emotions, from euphoria to sadness. Every person experiences sexual contact in their own, individual way. For example questions like “Is our love as strong as it was before?”, “Are we going to have a child?” or “Am I happy with our sexual life and the marriage?” can trigger intensive emotional experiences. In addition, orgasm physiologically releases neurochemicals such as oxytocin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, which can activate unexpectedly strong and deep emotions that bring tears to your eyes. As normal as it is, cheap London escorts would suggest you, if it really bothers you, you should consult a specialist.

Avoiding oral sex because of worry of unpleasant smell

Sometimes a woman feels like her vagina does not smell pleasant and she can’t stop thinking about it. All this worry might turn her of or make the whole experience a nervous and not pleasant or relaxed sex. That’s also a reason they avoid oral sex. But it is nothing to worry according to cheap London escorts.

Cheap London escorts are saying that there is probably no reason to worry. Especially if nothing has changed. Many women are shy and overreact to their scent, much more focused on it than on their partners. In fact, many women, among them also cheap London escorts who feel strong and unpleasant smell are surprised to find that their husband or boyfriend finds the scent between their legs attractive and erotic.

Research among cheap London escorts shows that your personal scent is a key factor in your partner’s erotic response. But if you notice that the smell has changed or a profuse discharge has appeared, then go to the gynaecologist and let them do the needed tests.

Sometimes I leave stains after sex. Is this normal?

For any bleeding after sex, even if it is a slight stain, cheap London escorts are advising that it is best to talk to your doctor. This may be a sign of an infection or polyp or other serious condition. Sometimes this happens quite naturally. For example, in adolescents or pregnant women – due to changes in the development of the cervix. But any bleeding, cheap London escorts say, should be a reason to see a doctor to rule out the disease.

Cramps in the lower abdominal after sex

It is normal sometimes to experience cramps in the lower abdomen, even when you are not expecting menstruation but again if it is worrying you too much you should consult your doctor about it.

The simple answer from cheap London escorts is – Yes. Sometimes this is normal, especially if the cervix has been touched during sex (for example, the act was too violent) through contact with the penis, fingers or sex toy. According to cheap London escorts unpleasant sensations and cramps can also be the result of discomfort in the bladder or urinary tract. But if you experience frequent or persistent cramps, see your doctor to rule out endometriosis, fibroids, or urinary tract infections.

The vagina makes noises during sex

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It’s very embarrassing for most women when they hear their vagina to makes funny noises during sex. And there’s nothing they can do! But cheap London escorts say that it is normal and happens often to them as well.

This is quite natural and happens to many people. Due to their extended experience, cheap London escorts can report that during penetration into the vagina, air penetrates and then naturally exits. And sometimes if the density is very high it happens with a silly sound. But this is something completely natural and there is nothing to worry.

One of my labia is bigger than the other. I’m afraid my partner thinks this difference is ugly

The female structure is unique. Every woman from cheap London escorts is different and their vaginas are different. Every single one of them is beautiful and there is no reason to compare them. In general, the second half of our body is always a bit asymmetrical. There are no “normal” or “abnormal” vaginas. However, cheap London escorts advise that if you notice that your vagina has changed – for example, there are bumps or the colour of the labia has changed, consult a doctor.

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